Sunday, December 15, 2013

Walker's Book Isn't Even Selling On His Website

Scott "The Grinch" Walker is a having a pretty crappy holiday season so far.

First, he sends out the worst Christmas email ever, telling people to not buy any toys for their children, but to give him the money instead.

In an attempt to bury his greed-filled email, he reveals that he has yet another racist staffer working for him and fires her. The odd thing about that is that he was OK with said staffer and her racist attitude all the time she worked for him, but it suddenly became an issue when the email - with her name on it- becomes a source of international ridicule and derision.

To try to pick up the pieces from that debacle, Walker goes ahead to say it's now OK to buy presents for your loved ones, as long as they are from his campaign website.  He has everything for sale - from shirts to phone cases to signed copies of his books.

Apparently, things still aren't going to well.

Now he's enlisted one of his son's to help out by announcing that everything is not just for sale, but is also on sale:


I hope you’ve had a chance to read some of my dad’s new book Unintimidated. If you have not, you can read a new excerpt here.

For our supporters who haven't had a chance to pick up a copy we wanted to provide you with a special discount offer for the holiday season. Use the code XMAS15 to receive 15% off any book on our campaign store.

We are only offering this discount code until December 24th, so make sure to get your personalized copy of Unintimidated today. Due to our limited supply we ask that you place your order as soon as possible.

Use the code XMAS15 by December 24th to get access to your 15% off.

Hope you enjoy and happy holidays!

All the best,

Matt Walker

All purchases will be treated as campaign contributions to the Friends of Scott Walker campaign

Paid for by Friends of Scott Walker, Kate Lind, Treasurer
But remember - the sale is only good until December 24th! Because on the 26th, they will go on an even bigger sale and he'll start giving away copies with Charlie Sykes, since they have about the same popularity:

And for those who are interested, here is a screen capture of the email:


  1. Happy Holidays? It looks like this "War on Christmas" has opened a new front in the Walker Campaign.

  2. How old is his kid? I thought they were preteens or teens.

  3. Their older then that.Walker had them when he was in collage.

    1. Actually he fathered a child while in college, but later denied it was his. His 2 sons from his marriage were born years afterwards.

  4. Walker left Marquette University in a hurried rush right before graduation, to start a family. Three years later...he gets married.

    Something doesn't smell right...

  5. Walker was not, um, invited to leave Marquette "right before graduation." Sure, he had been there for four years, but he still was more than a semester's worth of credits away from graduation. I'm betting that among the dozen (at least) classes that he had yet to take at Marquette was its required class in ethics.