Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Incompetence of J.B. Van Hollen

by Jeff Simpson

We all know that JB Van Hollen has announced he will not seek re-election to his office of Attorney General of Wisconsin.  This took many people by surprise and everyone trying to figure out why.  There are even some of the Kool Aid Drinkers that think he could possibly run for the Supreme Court.  

There is however, one prominent republican that does not think much of JB Van Hollen's ability.  That person is non other than Governor Scott Walker.   Scott Walker was recently asked why he has not issued any pardons.  His response - Because JB Van Hollen has been to inept

"If you pick one there's thousands of other examples out there of people who may not have the media or other outlets behind them, who would be in an equal position who probably have a compelling case to be made that we don't yet know about," said Walker in an interview with WKOW.

According to Walker, under the supervision of JB Van Hollen, the Wisconsin Justice Department has falsely or needlessly imprisoned "thousands" of Wisconsinites unnecessarily.   That is not much of a ringing endorsement for any kind of future run for office. 

Lest we forget and think Scott Walker is the hero here, as our friends at MalContent point out - He is not:

Walker states there are a lot of people with compelling cases for pardons, so we should pardon none of them. This is a not a logically compelling argument.

Wrongfully convicted? What matters is whether the media or other outlets are behind them, suggests Walker, a bizarre position.

What about innocent Green Bay ex-cop, John Maloney; the innocent Penny Brummer of Madison who police went after because she was an out lesbian, and the innocent Don Miller of Hurley just released on parole? 

And there are surely many more innocents incarcerated

I would take it a step further and point out that this proves Scott Walker is lazy and has no interest in doing thereal work it takes to be a successful Governor.  He thinks there are thousands of innocent people in prison but unless he can watch a 30 second new sclip on the Fox, he has no interest in trying to figure out if they are guilty or innocent. 

There is no money in it for him.  Besides they cant vote anyway. 


  1. Thanks Jeff.

    Without any evidence, the way I read the JS' puff piece was that Van Hollen had negotiated a deal with Son of Doe.

    That speculation and $4 bucks will buy you something at Starbucks.

  2. My point here John is that Walker says there are so many people that desrve pardons he doesnt know where to start or want to put in any work to figure out who does.

    That speaks to JB's incompetence.

    1. The reason Walker won't pardon anyone is so that no one can ever pull a lee atwater/willie horton or michael gableman/loius butler style attack on him during his presidential run or any other office he runs for. he's simply projecting what he and his little friends would or will use against their foes in a election onto anyone he might run against in the future.

  3. I believe Jeff's conclusion is correct. Walker can't be bothered because there's no money in it for him. But the idea that JB's turned to the investigation is interesting, and could explain Scooter's scorn.

  4. James Wigderson writes:

    State statutes do allow the Attorney General to, "compromise and settle the action as the attorney general determines to be in the best interest of the state." The statutes also state the Attorney General can, "Consult and advise with the district attorneys when requested by them in all matters pertaining to the duties of their office."

    But instead of taking advantage of the golden opportunity to determine whether the latest John Doe fishing expedition has any basis other than the zealotry of an assistant district attorney from Milwaukee, Van Hollen punted. There was no review that we've been informed of. No questioning of the probe’s purpose. Just cooperation.

    Like Wiggy says. It is possible Wiggy is just uninformed.

  5. Birds of a feather, flock together, that is unless one of the birds wants a taller, national roost!