Monday, December 2, 2013

Scott - The Reason For The Season!


By Jeff Simpson

Capper brought us the story the other day of the fundraising email where Scott Walker suggested you skip your kids Christmas and give the money to him!   Thanks to that let me suggest this campaign slogan and commercial for the upcoming Gubernatorial and Presidential campaign that Scott will be running:

Of course what better time to fundraise and ask for your chidlren's money than Christmas, the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus:

God Bless Us everyone, especially ME .  Now send ME your money! Here is Scott Walker with his version of the true meaning of Christmas! At least George Bush's biggest policy idea was to tell people TO shop, while Walker is telling people NOT to shop! 

If there was every a more greedy, ambitious, selfish career politician than Scott Walker, I hope I never meet them.  

PS:   The "friends scott walker" staffer that sent the email - Taylor Palmisano.   This is from her twitter:

Wahhooo for George Zimmerman.  He must be one of Santa's elves!  


  1. I'm surprised Ms. Palmisano set up a wedding registry for her upcoming nuptials. You'd think she'd request cash only and forward it directly to Friends of Scott Walker.

  2. That racist, murdering, sexual molesting, wife and girlfriend beating, gun nut Zimmerman kind of blew-up on the rightys, but who could have seen that coming?. But he definitely fit the profile, Republican that is.

  3. Zimmerman is a registered democrat, but why let facts get In the way?

    1. "Zimmerman is a registered democrat, but why let facts get In the way?"

      Zimmerman was registered as a Democrat in 2002, when he was 19. I wonder, have your political views changed at all in the last 11 years. I know mine have. I was a registered Republican 11 years ago. Furthermore, your little screed kind of missed the point didn't it? The point being that it was those on the right that were (and mystifyingly still are) ardent supporters of Zimmerman.

      He has a 45% favorability rating among Republicans, compared to Obama's 14%. (Zimmerman had a 14% favorability rating amongst Democrats for comparison).

      Hell, even 2% of GOP respondents in Alaska said Zimmerman would be their choice for president in a recent PPP poll.

      Please feel free to continue to spin reality any way you choose. As you say, why let facts get in the way.

    2. Well said Shane. We all know that republicans feel entitled to distort the truth
      and tell outright lies. See pants of fire Scott Walker. The man has no shame.

    3. I don't give a crap what George Zimmerman registers as, I just know racist Republicans are the only ones who liked that verdict.

      And the lame deflection attempt shows what a pathetic wimp you are. Republicans area de up of sick scumbags. OWN IT SON

    4. I never said a word about zimmerman being a dem or a repub...just pointed out for someone who barely tweets, what got her to actually do so was to cheer that a woman beating racist was set free.

      I found that odd....