Sunday, December 8, 2013

Vinehout Injured In Snowy Car Accident

Breaking news from Stephen Webster of The Progressive:
Wisconsin state Senator Kathleen Vinehout was involved in a car wreck Sunday morning en route to Milwaukee, a member of her staff told The Progressive.

The likely gubernatorial candidate's condition was unclear at time of this story's publication. The staffer said that Vinehout appeared to have injured her arm, and that they were headed to a nearby hospital.
There are reports of multiple accidents around Wisconsin, with some counties advising people not to travel if they don't have to. The freeways appear to be the worst as a light, fluffy snow is making roads slippery and treacherous.

If you have to go out, please be careful and take your sweet time.


  1. Should have taken the state plane, like Walker does when he goes between Milwaukee and Madison.

    In all seriousness, hope she's OK. We need her voice in the 2014 election cycle.

    1. Plane? Don't say that. I already had a Wellstone flashback when I heard about her crash.

  2. Please keep us up to date! We are praying for Kathleen and any others who may have been hurt. She is truly a state treasure, as a state senator or as governor.