Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Remember, It's Not Personal

In what is shaping up to be one of the more interesting races in 2014 is the Democratic primary for Assembly District 19, which is becoming an open seat as Jon Richards pursues the Attorney General spot.  It is a rare occasion where the voters have a plentiful cornucopia of good, solid, progressive Democrats to choose from, something I wondered if I would ever see again.

The first candidate to announce was Sara Geenen, who works as a labor attorney.  She also serves on the board for 9to5, per her campaign Facebook page.

The biggest name in the race, both literally and figuratively, is Marina Dimitrijevic, who announced her candidacy a few weeks ago.  Dimitrijevic is currently the Chairwoman of the Milwaukee County Board.

It is expected that Jonathan Brostoff, aide to State Senator Chris Larson, is expected to make an announcement soon regarding entering the race as well.

Political and social activist Jason Rae had considered a run but chose not to jump in after all.

Like I said, it is a progressive's dream to have such a slate to choose from.  All of them are in support equal rights, the environment and the working class.

There is also another candidate that has announced for the race - Dan Adams.  Precious little is known about Adams other than he went from being an assistant prosecutor to the more lucrative field of being a defense attorney.

The other thing we know about Adams is that Chris Abele is supporting him:
Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele is backing attorney Dan Adams for the same east side Assembly seat being sought by County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic.

Both are running as Democrats for the seat long held by Rep. Jon Richards, who wants to run for attorney general next year.

Abele’s endorsement was announced Tuesday by Adams, who quoted Abele saying he admired Adams for “his steadfast commitment to choosing the public good over political grandstanding.”
Now remember, Abele has always said that there is nothing personal when it comes to his war on the County Board, on the workers, on the county's most vulnerable citizens and against democracy.

So the fact that he chose to endorse the least pro-labor, the most pro-business candidate is not personal.  The fact that he took a personal swipe at Dimitrijevic and is behind a smear campaign against her is not personal.

The fact that Dimitrijevic led the Board to stand up to Abele's plutocracy and had the audacity to tell Abele no has nothing to do with his actions.

Nope, nothing personal about it at all.


  1. What evidence do you have that Dan Adams is the least pro-labor and the most pro-business candidate?

    1. As noted, Adams own web page shows where his priorities lie, and it's not necessarily with the people.

  2. Abele was never going to endorse Dimitrijevic. The bigger story is that Abele endorsed Adams over the other two candidates.

  3. How about Adams own words? This is how he chose to accept the endorsement from Abele -- with lips that for all intents and purposes might as well be super-glued to Abele's posterior?

    From the "Bay View Compass"

    “I’m honored to have the support of County Executive Abele,” said Adams. “I admire his steadfast commitment to choosing the public good over political grandstanding. We are fortunate to have his fact-driven, service-oriented approach to making public policy decisions.”

    “I look forward to working with County Executive Abele to encourage Milwaukee’s future as a thriving knowledge economy by supporting entrepreneurial talent and education. Like County Executive Abele, I will be a strong advocate for marriage equality across Wisconsin, while focusing on solving problems—not name calling and finger pointing.”