Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fundraising Email Quote Of The Day

On Monday, I got yet another fundraising email from Scott Walker and this time, he actually put his name on it.

The bulk of the email was his usual and worn out lies of supposedly turning a deficit into a surplus; the laughable claim of lowering taxes; and creating "thousands of new jobs."  Well, OK, the last one was true.  He's only created thousands while the surrounding states have created tens of thousands.

But anyway, the line that really caught my eye and then made it roll around in its socket was this:
The next 2 days are vital to showing these special interests that the voters want a Governor who stands with the hard-working taxpayers and not the special interests.
Excuse me? But, really?  Did he really just say that?

Well, maybe Walker needs to have his memory jarred a little bit with two words.

John Dough.


  1. John Dough with Elmer Fudge packing in the Hard Rock bunk house............

  2. Dear Gov Walker, you wanted us to hold you accountable for HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of new jobs.

    You #FAIL.