Monday, December 9, 2013

More Fundraiser Follies: The Corporate Media Edition

Anyone that has even the least bit of involvement into politics knows that the silly season is upon us.  And right now, it's the fundraising festival season.  For the past several weeks, I have been so inundated with
invitations to fundraising parties and received so many fundraiser emails that I had to keep double checking my checkbook, wondering if all these pols knew something about my financial status that I didn't.  Alas, there wasn't the millions that all these pols thought I must have.

Anyway, Mary Burke has apparently come out with her first fundraising email.  This was enough to cause Dan Bice of the corporate media giant Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to rush to report on it because....well, I'm not really sure why:.  From Bice's article:
In her first fundraising letter, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke has launched an attack on Gov. Scott Walker, labeling him a "Tea Party hero" who treats women like second-class citizens while currying favor with radicals by slashing public school funding to pay for corporate tax breaks.

And that's just on the first page.
Hmm. Calling Scott Walker is "an attack" now? I guess that means that ABC News and Yahoo News have been attacking him to since they referred to Walker as a "Tea Party hero" in their news stories.

It also means that Walker has been attacking himself, since he referred to himself as the "Original Tea Party in Wisconsin."

Bice goes on to admit that Walker has been attacking Mary Burke for months, although Bice states that Walker never refers to Burke by name.  Well, that might be true for the hard copy fundraiser letter, but it sure isn't true for the fundraising emails he sent out a few weeks ago.

But the article doesn't come without a bit of irony, this time in the form of Joe Fadness, director of WISGOP and former Walker campaign staffer (Walkergate, anyone?):
Republicans were quick to suggest that Burke, a member of the Madison School Board, was trying to shift the focus from herself.

"Burke's divisive rhetoric comes at the same time she runs from her failed record of voting to raise taxes and implementing policies in the Doyle-Burke Administration that left Wisconsin with billion-dollar budget deficits and massive job loss," said Joe Fadness, executive director of the state Republican Party. "Wisconsin deserves better."
The irony of that statement is probably a thousand times the recommended daily allowance.  Given the fact that Walker is Mr. Divide and Conquer, Fadness can't really complain about divisiveness.  Nor does Walker have a very good record on job creation or balancing budgets.

But to be fair to Fadness, I'm sure he is feeling the pressure from the Son of Doe investigations, which is not only targeting Walker's campaign but also WISGOP and their illegal collaboration with the dark money groups.

But the real kicker is how Bice and the paper had to rush this non-story story out.  These are the same people that didn't even mention Walker's Grinch fundraiser email until the day after the story had gone international and four days after I broke the story.  And even when the paper got around to reporting the email, they buried the lede in favor of the cover story on why Walker's campaign fired the staffer who agreed to have her name put on it.

Remind me again how liberal the corporate media is. For some reason, I keep forgetting.

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