Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CCVI

Hurrah for Scott Walker's agenda and austerity! They're doing just what one would expect them to do:
Unemployment rates increased in most Wisconsin counties and in 14 of the largest cities in November, including Brown County and Green Bay.

The state Department of Workforce Development reported Thursday that rates increased in 53 of 72 counties between October and November. Unemployment also went up in 14 of the 32 largest cities.
Oh, and it gets better. Good old Milwaukee County Emperor Chris Abele, who has doubled down on Walker's austerity, is making sure that Milwaukee stays on top of the dung heap:
Racine had the highest unemployment rate among cities at 11.2 percent, followed by Milwaukee and Beloit both at 9.4 percent.
The thing that I find really ironic is how the "progressives" who scream about Walker's failures embrace Abele for his same failures. We need to lose these people along with the Teapublicans. Both are as equally harmful to our economic health.

And to add to the grief, they are also cutting out unemployment compensation for about 24,000 Wisconsinites today.

We are going deeper in a crisis mode and our leaders of both parties are sitting on their thumbs.  This is no longer acceptable at all.


  1. Abele was certainly a wolf in a sheep skin - - did you vote for him Capper? I did but had no clue he would go this direction. I often wonder if he and Stone were in cahoots.

    1. I unfortunately voted for Abele in the general election, but supported Sullivan in the primary. Sadly, Abele was able to buy his way into the general.