Saturday, December 21, 2013

Caption This

In between writing scary elementary screeds about "Elfie" and mandating racism, two of Wisconsin's favorite sons found some time to hang out together. 

Joel K:  "I really must go
Scott: "Baby, It's Cold Outside"   

Your turn - 


  1. Here is my check. The kids need nothing for Christmas ..............

  2. They're not the Duck Dynasty but they think they are a dynasty. You're looking at combined I Q's of less than a 100 and the true heart and soul of the Tea Party in Wisconsin. Correction....... they display no HEART!

  3. SW: "I was only reading the articles!"

  4. SW: "Hey Joel, Tonette would like your recipe for morning dove soufflé .
    JK: "I don't know bro, that is one of Becky's secret recipes".

  5. Why no one with a brain and any decency is moving to a suburb in the 262 area code.

  6. JK: "I asked how many people will get hired next year, not wired! You seem a little jumpy lately."

    SW: "I heard it right the first time. You'd be jumpy too worrying about how all my contributors will get the jobs they are entitled to."

    JK: "Oops. Sorry for talking about that thing we aren't supposed to talk about."

    SW: "Don't worry, we are way smarter than they think."

    JK: "Uh huh."

  7. JK: Next year we have to make sure you go bird hunting with me.

  8. SW: That Elf on the Shelf, is that some kind of sex thing?

  9. GOP Brain Trust -- Mastermind meets Master baiter.