Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sex On The Beach(and in the Capitol)

By Jeff Simpson

Giggly Cathy Stepp, the fawn killing head of the DNR is beside itself trying to figure out how they curb sex happening at Mazomanie's nude beach:

The agency has been trying to put the kibosh on the bad behavior for more than a decade. In the late 1990s, it closed the beach at night, banned camping on the beach and installed a gate to block vehicles and halt drive-in, drive-out trysts. In 2007, it closed sections of the surrounding woods and cut down brush near the beach to eliminate cover for sex.

But arrests for sex and drugs hit a five-year high in 2011, when wardens arrested 42 people in nine days of surveillance. Last year, the DNR closed another 70 acres around the beach, but it had little effect; wardens issued 22 citations — most for sex — in less than a week of surveillance.
 Of course worrying about the nude beach at the start of winter is a very good distraction from the fact that they are letting eco terrorist Bill Williams, not only run free, but also run the legislature and her office.  

Apparently in Cathy Stepp's eyes, this is less of a problem

Cobre Las Cruces, before the collapse in April 2008. Photo: Ecologistas en Acción

Than this:


Be that as it may, in the holiday spirit and in the spirit of bipartisanship, I am going to offer Ms. Stepp some advice on how to curb the problems at the Mazo Beach.

Stop The Problems At The Capitol And The Walker Administration FIRST!

Monkey see - Monkey Do!

Let's start with Dennis Smith.  Dennis Smith was Karl Rove's buddy who Scott Walker hired to kick thousands of Wisconsinite's off of their healthcare.   Dennis Smith was very glad to do so, he just wanted something in return.

To get laid.


Smith,  used Wisconsin taxpayer's money, cell phones, lap tops, offices and travel expenses to bring his MARRIED high school crush here, to do a job that she was unqualified for.  Smith brought Mary Spear to Wisconsin to be his chief legal counsel, a position that she was unqualified for and where she was his only interview(imagine the questions in that interview)!  Not only did Smith use his position to bring to Wisconsin and sleep with his old high school crush, he brought her in as a subordinate to make sure he had the ultimate power over her.

While Dennis Smith was using State taxpayer time and resources to send out this press release:

 "I categorically and unequivocally deny that I have ever had a relationship with Mary Spear beyond friendship," Smith stated.
Married man Dennis Smith was using Wisconsin taxpayer resources to send this to his married subordinate:

“My dearest Mary Elizabeth, let your heart be at peace and rest tonight. We shall weather this storm together. All will be well.”

As Judge William E. Hanrahan said: 

 Three months later, at a June 12, 2013 hearing, in discussing Brophy's request for potentially exculpatory evidence showing an affair had occurred, Judge William E. Hanrahan said this wasn't necessary. Hanrahan essentially said the files provided to the court by Andrew Spear showed that he knew his wife and Smith were having an affair. "I think any objective, reasonable person, upon reading the emails...would not have such a hard time believing it," the judge said.

Who did not care what was happening in this despicable case?  Smith's boss - Scott K Walker.

Apparently Walker felt that two married people having an affair on the taxpayer dime was ok.  Walker also had no problem with Smith's sexual harassment of his subordinates as  Walker did not fire Smith, call for an investigation or even slap him on the wrist.   Women of Wisconsin, there will be NO workplace protection for you if your boss does exactly as Scott Walker wants! 

Finally, after CogDis broke the story of the affair and Smith's role in it - Dennis Smith tucked his tail between his legs and ran away.   Mary Spear is following him to Washington DC.  Its very nice of Smith's wife and children to allow her to do that.   

 Another email surfacing in the case showed that Mary Spear expected to move with Smith to Washington, D.C., once he was tapped for a job by Mitt Romney (had he been elected president). Smith ended up moving anyway after the Spear scandal heated up. He now serves as managing director of the D.C. office of McKenna Long & Aldridge. As for Mary Spear, she is divorcing Andrew.

As Capper says, but wait there is more.   The whole republican Assembly and Senate has been treating the Capitol like its Melrose Place.  

From the married leader of the Senate:

Things are much better though in the Assembly right?

Hey wait a minute.  That's not your wife .....and that's not your husband.  What's in the doggy bag?  where you going?  You are the leader of the republican party and now sleeping with a lobbyist?  Is that even legal?  Hmmmmmm!  

When these are your role models, what do you expect out of the citizenry? 


  1. Great sound affects ...........The hoarse and the horses ass...clip clop clip clop

  2. Jeff, I can't say I really like this lurid fascination you have for the personal failings of our political opponents. Yes, they're moral hypocrites, but so what? They deserve plenty of scorn for their immoral public policies and stances. But their messy personal lives? This National Enquirer, who's-banging-who stuff doesn't help our debate. It's the kind of thing I've always hated about small "c" conservatives.

  3. AB - thanks for the feedback. I understand that everyone has differing opinions on this but I personally think its important .

    The fact that they are moral hypocrites is a big deal to me. They sit and regulate what a woman can do with her body in Jesus's name as they are sleeping with everyone they can.

    Then the immensely hypocritical Julainne appling is running around to her blind followers talking about to do God's will we need to vote these guys in. hell they even gave her a license plate.

    Their decisions and policies matter and I feel they need to be called out on their moral hypocrisy.

    As for what Dennis Smith did, that was downright criminal. He should have face serious consequences, instead they were able to truly throw mary's ex husband under the bus and escape all scrutiny.

    I also think it shows the true disregard for government and the people of WI that Scott Walker lets all of this stuff happen under his watch and with his appointees.

  4. Walker is a dick, but I doubt he has one. Jody.