Thursday, December 12, 2013

Walkergate: Timmy Tries To Climb Out Of The Well

I am quite sure that the gentle reader remembers Tim Russell.

Russell is the Republican operative who served at the beck and call of Scott Walker.  He's had a decades long relationship with Walker.  Russell served in many positions under Walker at both Milwaukee County and with Walker's campaign.  Sometimes he even did both jobs at the same time!

During the original Walkergate investigations and trials, Russell was convicted of stealing money from a veterans fund so that he could go on luxurious vacations with his partner, Brian Pierick.

It was also learned that Russell was a key figure in the illegal campaigning, directing others, like Darlene Wink, to do illegal politicking while working for the taxpayer.  Russell was the person who set up the infamous second router in the county executive's suite.

At his hearing, Judge Hansher found that Russell "didn't even have any shame" for the crimes he committed.  Hansher then sentenced Russell to two years of jail and two years of extended supervision, which was more than the DA had asked for.

Well, it appears that Russell is getting tired of baloney sammiches and has filed an appeal for resentencing and to have the amount of restitution decreased.  Even a year later, apparently Russell feels that stealing money from veterans and stealing democracy from all of us isn't really all that bad.

The funny thing that should make us smile is that the timing couldn't be better.

Scott Walker's world is crumbling around him.  He's obviously not going to meet his campaign's cornerstone promise of creating 250,000  jobs.  His false promises of tax relief are being exposed for the lies that they are.  There is a second John Doe investigation going on regarding all the dark money that has been flowing into the state and onto which Walker has grown so dependent.  He is becoming not just a national laughingstock, but has received ridicule from around the globe for his Grinchian email.

And now, thanks to his very special friend, Tim Russell, the whole specter of the original Walkergate will be raising its head while he flails around to just stay in office as governor, much less running for president.

Even though the wind chills are below zero today, that kind of gives me a warm feeling.


  1. Looks like Timmy is get tired of BIG Long John night after night....... That he would like to have his little Scottie on is back again!

  2. Tim Russell has served every second of his time at a minimum security prison with a lake view on Lake Winnebago. He has also been getting work release privileges almost from day one. Please don't even pretend that he is doing "hard time"

  3. Where is Tim Russell working? The Governor's mansion?