Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Grinches Я Us

On Black Friday, Scott Walker sent out a fundraiser email that encouraged people to forgo buying their children toys for Christmas and just donating the money to his campaign instead.  The fact that said email had caused him embarrassment on a national and international level has apparently caused him to rethink that approach.

Sort of.

click on image to embiggen

The items they have on sale include:
  • Baseball caps ant t-shirts for $30 each
  • A fleece pullover for $75 (talk about getting fleeced!)
  • An iPhone case for $35
They are also trying to peddle copies of his book.  (It must not be selling too well.  Or the Kochs reneged on their advanced purchase pledge.)

They have different options for the book as well.  For just the book, it will run you $30.  If you want it stamped with his autograph, that will cost you $75.  But for the big spenders, you can get it not only signed but a personal message for a mere $150!

Of course, the smart shopper will just wait another week when they can go to the bookstore and get a copy out of the bargain bin for a dollar.  The savvy shopper will also just scribble in the front cover with a crayon - being careful to misspell the words - and no one will believe it wasn't the genuine article.

For added giggles, Walker also included a link to his campaign blog where one can find an excerpt of his book - complete with misspellings:
Thing [sic] may look hopeless in Washington, D.C., but form where I sit in Wisconsin, the view is decidedly more hopeful and optimistic.

Here is a little reported fact: Outside the Washington beltway, big-government liberals are on the ropes, while conservative reformers are winning election and policy battles in state houses all across the country…

So the question is: Why are so many Republican governors and state legislators winning elections at a time when national Republicans are fairing so poorly?

The answer, in part, is that while Washington remains locked in endless battles that most Americans don't see as having much impact on their daily lives, Republicans leaders at the state level are offering big, bold, positive reforms that are relevant to the lives of our citizens.
Wait! What?! What does he mean "from where I sit in Wisconsin?" He's been jetting around the nation for the past three years to raise funds for his legal defense cooperation fund and for both his gubernatorial and presidential campaigns.

And as for the answer to why there are so many Republican governors and state legislators winning elections, well, I think that John Dough might be able to provide us with that information.

On a final note, if you want to buy a book called "Unintimidated," by all means go right ahead.

Just make sure you get the good one.


  1. Want to have some fun? Take a look at all the people associated with Stephan Thompson on LinkedIn. I was amazed at the number of people on these campaigns who are barely out of college. Now there's a book in and of itself I would bet.

  2. Wow. Is anyone surprised that Walker's book is another ill conceived project that has been rushed through implementation without a thought toward quality of content?