Saturday, December 28, 2013

Leadership - Abele Style

Recently, named Milwaukee County Emperor Chris Abele as a "rising stock" in leaders in Wisconsin.  But then again, they named Scott Walker as one too, showing that leadership doesn't necessarily connote a positive asset.

One of the most glaring examples of Abele's brand of leadership, which is remarkably similar to that of Walker's, is being brought back to the forefront this coming week.

When the Milwaukee County Board cleaned up Abele's 2013 proposed budget, Abele and his fellow plutocrats in the Greater Milwaukee Committee had the mother of all hissy fits. They bought themselves some Republican state legislators and had them pass a bill that usurped power from the County Board and concentrating it in Abele's inept hands.

You know, because representative government and a system of checks and balances simply isn't efficient.

Obviously the people of Milwaukee County aren't rich like Abele and so doesn't know what's in their best interest.

In this coming week, more of the havoc caused by Abele's temper tantrum will be seen and felt throughout the county as the majority of the County Board's aides and staff are moved out of their jobs, if not laid off outright:
The staff and expense cuts will translate into poorer service to constituents, supervisors said. Response times for fielding complaints will increase and it will be particularly hard to keep people in disadvantaged neighborhoods informed, they said.

The pressure for greater County Board budget cuts will grow in future years, said Supervisor Theo Lipscomb. That's because of the formula written into state law limiting the board's budget to a fraction of 1% of the county property tax levy and the tight limits on increasing the levy, he said.
Not only will it slow response times, but it will also increase the likelihood of problems stemming from Abele's corruption and/or ineptness.

Just this past year, the County Board had to deal with Abele's budget which contained more than $3 million in errors; the Courthouse catching fire due to Abele's deferred maintenance and corner cutting; a full frontal assault on workers' pay and workers' rights; sketchy and possibly illegal bidding processes; and an extraordinarily large amount of staff turnover in Abele's office which he yet has to explain.

You know, come to think of it, it really does make sense why they would credit Abele with having leadership the same way they do with Scott Walker.

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