Friday, December 27, 2013

Irrefutable Evidence That Chris Moews Would Make A Better Sheriff Than David Clarke

Just about everyone in Milwaukee County knows that there is a three way power struggle going on in county government.

Milwaukee County Emperor Chris Abele hates the County Board, especially Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic.  Abele also hates Sheriff David Clarke.  His hatred has caused him to usurp power from the County Board and to try to cut the Sheriff's budget and staff to irresponsibly low levels.

At the same time, Clarke has shown his hatred towards the Board and towards Abele by issuing immature, reckless and offensive press releases.

Meanwhile, the County Board has been increasingly forced to be the adults in a room and keeping Abele and Clarke from ruining the county with their ego trips.  For this, Abele and Clarke have only stepped up their assaults and insults.

Obviously, the county would benefit greatly from a new county executive and a new sheriff.

The bad news is that - short of a recall - we are stuck with Abele until 2016.

The good news is that we can rid ourselves of Clarke in 2014.  The better news is we have a very viable and much more qualified candidate in Chris Moews.

Not only would Moews be a more effective law enforcement official, but he could also help the entire county government by being able to work with both Abele and the County Board.

And for proof, look at this picture, courtesy of his campaign's Facebook page:

Yes, I know Abele looks like he just swallowed a live toad, but the fact is Moews got him to pose in the same picture with Dimitrijevic.

You would never get Clarke to pose with either Dimitrijevic or Abele much less both of them at the same time.

A higher level of public safety and less drama in the courthouse are more than enough reason why we need to support Chris Moews for Milwaukee County Sheriff!

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  1. So despite your ongoing and very vocal hatred of King Abele, you'd prefer a hand-picked puppet of his to run the sheriff's office? Yeah, that makes sense.