Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fab 14 Antagonist Running For Congress - Campaign Based On Hypocrisy

The gentle reader surely remembers back to the early days of 2011 when the 14 Democratic State Senators left the state in order to buy time for the citizens to come together and stand up for their rights as Scott Walker and his fellow ALEC-sponsored Teapublicans were trying to ram through the infamous Act 10.

The senators, commonly referred to as the Fab 14, had secreted themselves to Illinois for the duration. harassed the senators.  Hale made it very clear that he proudly stood with Fitzwalkerstan's most extreme Teapublicans - Scott Walker and Paul Ryan.
David Hale
RWNJ extraordinaire
 While in Illinois, a group of teahadists from Rockford Illinois led by David Hale, a particularly nutty right wing nut job, tracked down and

Now this goon has decided to run for Congress. But like most Teapublicans, he can't do so without a heaping, steaming pantload of hypocrisy.

One of the things he is criticizing his primary opponent for is taking campaign donations from the operating engineers union* (emphasis his):
According to the website, my opponent has received more than $5,000 dollars from the "Operating Engineers Union" in this 2014 Election Cycle and $10,000 dollars in the 2012 election cycle against Don Manzullo. To most observers $5,000 dollars doesn't seem like much until you compare it to the amount of money in my campaign which is less than $4,000 dollars.

He received that donation from one entity which contributed to his more than $500,000 dollar war chest. Even more striking about this particular donation is who the organization represents. From Open Secrets you can see it is not exactly an organization that represents our best interests as Republicans or Conservatives.

"The International Union of Operating Engineers represents heavy equipment operators, mechanics and surveyors in the construction industry, as well as operations and maintenance workers in building and industrial complexes. The union has more than 400,000 members and is one of the largest unions affiliated with the AFL-CIO. It is a strong supporter of Democrats, as evidenced through its PAC donations."
Hale has a problem with this complaint though. He is contradicting himself on whether the operating engineers union is a good thing or a bad thing.

Clearly, Hale thinks that the fact that his primary opponent took campaign donations from them is bad and should put doubt in the voters' minds on whether his opponent is a true conservative.

But then he should have to explain why he is OK with Paul Ryan taking money from the same union.

Hale would also have to explain why it's not only OK for Scott Walker to take money from this union, but why it was OK for Walker to use them as political props as evidenced in this stomach-turning photo from Walker's State of the State speech early in 2013:

Image courtesy of blue cheddar
Hale should have to explain his apparent hypocrisy.  But then again, part of being a teahadist is not having to explain those things. It's just part of their nature.

*The fact that the operating engineers union is stabbing themselves - and the rest of the state - in the back is a matter for a whole other discussion.


  1. For the record, David Hale is running in the 16th Congressional District of Illinois in the GOP primary against Republican incumbent Adam Kinzinger.

    Kinzinger is basically an Illinois version of Paul Ryan.

  2. Capper,
    You finally got around to the real question in your last paragraph; why is a union, any union, not only donating to a Conservative, but seemingly donating to all conservatives?

  3. In addition to this "Union", why did so many public school teachers vote for Scott Walker? Because people have NO institutional memory and buy the idea that not being organized will get them further ahead.

  4. Advocate - no longer will teachers be voting for Walker - they now realize they have no future - they look at what was their future pre act 10 and now post act 10 - they have awoken a sleeping babe - unless of course they listen to their daddy republican husband.

    1. Republican husbands are a big force in my neck of the woods. When they say " my husband says that it's too expensive to join the union" my response is, "I guess your husband never wants you to get a raise".

  5. Operating engineers - supporting Walker is insulting very union in the state. CJ loves Walker - he DA d road builder -