Friday, December 13, 2013

Walker Only Knows What He Doesn't Read In The News

If one were to believe Scott Walker, he must be the most uninformed person on the planet.

For example, Walker claims that he was not aware of any of the illegal politicking happening in his own suite when he was Milwaukee County Executive, even though he was included in most of the emails flying back and forth between his county staff and his campaign staff.  Nor was he aware that Tim Russell was doing campaign activities while on his executive bike ride around the state, or so he claims.

Walker would claim he only knew what he read in the papers regarding all of this, even though he had to personally come in for an interview during the Walkergate investigations.

Another example that Walker is oblivious to reality comes in this week's newsletter.  Walker would have us believe that the job situation in Fitzwalkerstan is going swimmingly:
Good Things Happening in Wisconsin!

We recently learned the national unemployment rate last month dropped to the lowest level in five years. That's good news. Here in Wisconsin, we hit that five-year low for unemployment a month earlier, as the state rate dropped to 6.5 percent. In fact, we've improved quite a bit from the high of 9.2 percent unemployment in 2009.

Last month we saw Wisconsin grow manufacturing jobs faster than just about any other state in the country. That's why I asked the state legislature to pass our worker training plan, so more people are qualified to get the good, family-supporting jobs that are available.
Hmm, apparently he didn't receive the news that Wisconsin led the nation in new unemployment compensation claims.

Or more likely, he did know this, but is really hoping that no one else does.

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  1. Since Walker is in constant communication with God on all matters, it makes me wonder how God can be so bad at economics. I mean this is God we're talking about here, not just a voice inside someone's head...oh, wait.