Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So Much Disappointment In Milwaukee County Races

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting on how the spring elections in Milwaukee County are shaping up.  While there is some good news, there is much to lament as well.

By far the worst news is that Chris Abele's inherited riches was enough to prevent any contenders from filing to run against him.  Of course, there wasn't even a progressive candidate among the top three names being bantered about, the bumbling Sheriff David Clarke, the Walker-shadow Jeff Stone and the Walker Light clone Abele.

I hope that Abele realizes that if he thinks that his plutocratic ideology is going to sail through unchallenged, he is going to be in for a rude awakening.

As for the whole comptroller thing, aka emergency financial manager, I'll save that for a later post.  But I will say that one of the three candidates already eliminated themselves by showing they don't understand that the position isn't legislative and they won't be setting policy.  (The candidates initials are Kristie Bunting.)

In other sad news is that there are no progressive candidates running in Districts 4 and 17.

On the bright side, my good friend Jason Haas is running unopposed, as is my supervisor, John Weishan.  (Now I don't have to worry about helping them campaign as I prepare to launch my write in candidacy against Abele.) (Just kidding.) (Or am I?)


  1. I hope you seriously consider it.

  2. Disappointing that no viable candidate emerged to give Abele a challenge, because I would have liked to have had a choice. As it stands, I'll likely write someone in.

  3. Do it! You would be perfect.

  4. This candidate clearly understands that the comptroller position is not legislative and does not create policy. However, any CPA worth a dollar knows that this job requires more than just waiting to be asked for analysis and information. It will require proactive analysis and searching for ideas that can then be provided to policy makers for their thoughtful consideration. It takes many people to create change and I hope to be able to stir up some of those ideas.
    I am not sure what information led you to believe that I would think this position is about legislating, perhaps you've read or heard something out of context. Please, feel free to contact me if you want to know more about me.

  5. Ms. Bunting,

    The information was your quote in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel when your candidacy was first reported. Funny how you can make that statement of job requirements when they haven't been drafted yet. And what you're describing is legislative, i.e. setting policy. That would be a supervisor that makes those calls.