Sunday, January 1, 2012

Walker's Communication Breakdown

Unfortunately, it is all too common in politics today that the message is more important than the truth.  One may hear any number of pundits, from both sides of the aisle, stress that Politician X or Candidate Z has a real messaging problem.

This can be problematic in two ways.  One could have a really good candidate with solid ideas fail miserably because they couldn't get their message out in a way people were receptive to.  On the other hand, you could have a glib politician say what the people want to hear, but in reality, their ideology is quite the opposite and the people find out the truth after the person has been elected and the damage is being done.

Scott Walker obviously falls in the latter category.  He lied to the voters, but told them what they wanted to hear about lower taxes and creating jobs.  After he was elected, he ended up raising taxes and actually is driving jobs out of the state.

But now he finds that people are on to him, he is having a major communication problem.

First of all, he is getting caught on telling blatant lies and the media is actually starting to call him out on it.

But now, he can't even rely on his mouthpieces to get him out of these self-inflicted jams.

On the government side of things, his spokesman is Cullen Werwie, who was granted immunity in the Walkergate investigation.  It's only a matter of time before everyone in the state starts associating Werwie's name to Walker's corruption.  Every time that Werwie says something, people will think of the John Doe investigation and be suspicious.

On the political side, he has Ciara Matthews, who comes with her own baggage which has been unloaded from the crazy train.

People are going to have drink deeply from the Kool Aid to stay entrenched in the Walker camp.   Which is probably why Walker is starting to panic about his own base.

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