Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's Election Day, Tell Us What You Think!

1.  Give us your predictions on state and national politics today.

2.  Tell us what you think will be the most interesting storyline if the night.

3.  Tell us if you could only vote for one person(nationally or statewide), who would that person be?

For me

1.  I think President Obama wins with over 300 electoral votes,  Tammy Baldwin wins a squeeker.  I think we keep the Senate and come very close to retaking the house!  

Statewide, I think we also keep the Senate and make headways into the Assembly.  The unethical way they have redrawn the districts will make it hard to overtake the whole Assembly, but I think we do pick up a substantial number of seats.

 I also think that a republican somewhere in WI will lose that surprises everyone(not sure who that is yet).   

2.  The storyline I will  be watching will be the Tea party!  I am curios to see if they are going to take the election drubbing I think they are!

3.  If I only had one vote to cast in the whole country, Sherrod Brown would get it (With Tammy coming a close second).  They are both amazing people who understand what is happening in the country and how to fix it, which is a rare combination in today's politics.   

1 comment:

  1. Numerous races will be won by the Republican contender by a total of 53% of the popular vote. It's magic number for the right wingers.