Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Corporation To Vote In Today's Election

From the inbox, the logical conclusion to Citizens United:
A Wisconsin corporation, Fair Trade Arts, LLC, will attempt to register to vote in this Presidential Election. "If corporations are people, then why not vote? I'd like a little more power and a little less regulation.This is a free country. God Bless America!" said the owners of Fair Trade Arts, LLC, sarcastically. They seriously intend to register to vote, if at all possible.

This attempt will take place at 11:00 AM (CST), November 6 at the Gordon Park polls at 1321 E Locust St, Milwaukee.

Fair Trade Arts, LLC, is a registered Wisconsin corporation that Mary Laan, and spouse Jim Ito, use to support their fine arts business. (Mary is also the Chairperson of Move to Amend of South East Wisconsin.)

Mary's plan is to dress up "as a corporation," hand out fake $1,000,000.00 bills as a public service, and actually attempt to register her corporation to vote. She will provide valid State of Wisconsin-issued papers with her corporate name and current address as proof of corporate residency.

This action is a challenge of Citizens United ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that corporations are persons and that as such they may spend unlimited monies on elections in support of, or in opposition to, issues and candidates. The Supreme Court also reinforced that money is speech in this Decision, such that money may be spent freely and anonymously by corporations..

The underlying premise of this challenge is that: if a corporation is a person, why shouldn't the corporation be allowed to vote?
I do believe that Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele, who values corporations over people, will be there to cheer them on.


  1. Why did the Supreme Court, with Alito pushing the majority view (and being called to task by President Obama in the State of The Union address), that corporations are somehow supposed to be views as individuals--usually known as "people."
    When the population gets this idea that corporations are somehow people out of their minds, then we can have something approaching real "democracy."
    Just an educated opinion from "onevote."

  2. Hopefully this will get some traction. If FTA is denied, a court case could be made. I was trying to persuade people (humans) to write in vote for Mc Donalds in the Republican primary. If a corporation won the nomination that would force the SC to reconcider.