Saturday, November 3, 2012

President Obama - The Right Choice

I know it's been reiterated by me again and again just how important it is to give President Obama a second term. But it's important to take this message seriously. It's even more important to vote on Nov. 6th.

I've been getting teary eyed seeing President Obama's campaign commercials lately. Maybe it's because it is his last campaign as president. Maybe it's because we have a tremendous amount at stake. But I know for certain, one reason is because Mitt Romney cannot be allowed in the White House. We can't allow him to bring his brand of evil, cruel and mean extreme conservatism to Washington. It goes against everything we stand for as free, liberty loving Americans.

Please support President Obama on November 6th. If you've already early voted, awesome! I did, and my enthusiasm from 2008 was amplified times ten. I walked into the little both at city hall, and knew I was helping to change America and the world for the better. Support Tammy Baldwin and all your local candidates. We can replace the Tea Party extremists for people who will not fight to keep America in the dark ages.

Please don't be discouraged by the negativity. Don't let your excitement wane. We're already at the finish line. We just need to cross it. We can ensure that America has a bright, prosperous and opportunity-filled future. Get everyone you know who hasn't already voted, to do so on Tuesday. Talk to your friends and neighbors. We can do this! Hope and change never left. President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are on OUR side. They're with the people. They are the leadership America needs.

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