Saturday, November 3, 2012

Camera Shy

In a post endorsing Andy Jorgenson, Jeff Simpson included a link to an article about a fund raiser for Jorgenson's opponent at which Scott Walker was to attend.

The unusual thing about the fund raiser is that the Republicans did not want the media there:
When pressed for details about not desiring media coverage of Walker at Wynn’s fundraiser, Wynn’s campaign spokesperson said media taking photos of people attending the event apparently was a primary concern.

Offers were made to limit pictures to those of Gov. Walker and Rep. Wynn. However, the spokesperson never returned subsequent calls prior to the event.

Attendees indicated that no media representatives were present.
As for why they didn't want the media there, the Republicans also cited two recent stories of alleged assaults on Republican operatives, although one of the supposed incidents was already proven to be a hoax amplified by the right wing propagandists.

Their excuses also don't hold water since the Republicans' fear of being photographed has been around a lot longer than either of those incidents. You know that there is something terribly wrong when the ruling class doesn't mind guns in the Capitol, but won't stand for anyone bringing a camera.

On the surface of things, one might guess that the Republicans fear of cameras and other recording devices could come from the fact that whenever they are seen, it's not been to their benefit. Consider these examples:
One might argue that their camera-phobia stems from a fear that it will steal their soul, but this falls apart when one realizes that even if they had souls, they sold them a long time ago.

One might also argue that it is a matter of control. The Republicans have long shown that they don't give a damn about democracy or bipartisanship. Walker even said as much in another one of those awkward caught on tape moments.

Personally, I think we could find the answer in a quote from C.S. Lewis:
Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.
Whether it's stripping the rights of workers, stripping the rights of women, attacking the poor or the veterans or the disabled, sacrificing the environment, passing whatever bill the special corporate interests wrote for them or doing illegal campaigning via a secret router, the Republicans know that what they are doing is wrong. So much so that they don't want anyone to see it, much less tape it so that they might be held accountable for their misdeeds.

The reason they don't want cameras or other recording devices around them is that their behaviors are so vile and unscrupulous that they don't want to have to own up to them.

In other words, they all have guilty consciences. And for good reason.

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