Monday, November 5, 2012

Republicans Wear Their Racism Proud!

H/T Zach @blogging Blue!

This button was being sold at a recent Mitt Romney appearance in Milwaukee WI!

While Reince Priebus is proud of this message, it is NOT one that will play well in Wisconsin! 

We are better than that.  We will send a message to the republican party tomorrow, saying next time stop the hatred and racism and talk issues if you want us to listen! 

Vote for President Obama!  I am! 


  1. Romney continues to appall me.

    Has anyone else had trouble with leftyblogs?

    I've been getting an error screen since last night. I can't help wondering if Republicans are trying to limit communication.

  2. I think the Republican Party has really tarnished it's brand with the overt appeals to racism. When this election is over and Obama is still the President they will have to decide whether they want to continue as the party of racism, misogony and homphobia when the demographic tide is running against them in all categories.

    Will sane Republicans be able to steer their party away from proto-fascism without blowing it up? How will they remake it into a centrist party when the Democrats are already occupying the space? How will they maintain their constituency of self loathing working class voters when their party's economic policies are designed to deliberately impoverish them?

  3. Wash "Reince" And repeat was on gousha sunday morning. This POS is the moron that washed out of used car salesmen school. I mean my god, Don't folks see what a flippin weasel this guy is,And the pure crapola he spouts. You'd have to be deaf and blind not to know this.

  4. I truly believe Reince is a racist. In fact, Reince's good buddy and college roommate Robin Vos spews racially-coded comments at "Pints & Politics" events in Racine Co. Just google these youtube videos and watch Vos. Plain old ugly.

  5. By the way, it's not Reince Priebus, I prefer to user Rancid Penis. Just seems more fitting.