Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Future of the Parties!

This was told to me last night by Mike Mikalsen

"Zerban lost. He was a classic liberal. Ryan is the Future." Mike Mikalsen

Let's take a look at that.  

Yes Rob Zerban lost,

However what he accomplished is amazing.  Keep up the fight Rob, proud to stand with you!

Rob Zerban was a classic liberal:      Yes he is:

 Rob learned early how to make the most of his life, and how government can be a partner in creating the American Dream. Rob was raised in a single-parent household where his mother worked outside of the home to keep a roof over his head. Growing up, he ate government cheese and received free milk at school.

With the help of Pell Grants and Stafford Loans, Rob attended the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, New York, a prestigious culinary school where he was trained as a chef and learned restaurant business management.

After several years of direct service and managerial experience, he went on to create two small businesses. He employed 45 people and made sure they had family sustaining wages, excellent benefits, and the best healthcare. He understood that taking care of his employees and never taking for granted their hard work helped his companies thrive.

After selling his last business in 2008, Rob dedicated his life to public service. He volunteered to go door-to-door, educating the public about preserving the wonderful natural resource that is the Great Lakes. He served on the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters because part of what makes this nation great is our rich and beautiful land. Rob was also elected to and completed two terms as a Kenosha County Board Supervisor, gaining valuable experience in solving problems for the community.

Rob is a job creator, an innovator, and a pragmatist. He understands that he was able to succeed because government was there for him and his family when he needed it. And now he is committed to protecting and building programs so future generations can continue to achieve and live the American Dream.

 Ryan is the Future.       Paul Ryan is the future of the republican party?!?!
An unapproachable career politician who has never worked in the private sector. A shielded corporate shrill who has long ago sold out to Wall St. and cares more about the state of his own bank account, then the state of the country!   Ryan has proven he not only is terrible in a setting that he does not control but even worse at telling the truth.   

Yes, Paul Ryan is the future of the republican party and Rob Zerban is a typical liberal.   I know what side I am proud to be on, how about you.   



  1. I think Rob Zerban showed himself to be a strong, calm, intelligent candidate. His campaign seemed ( to me, afar) to be excellent.
    I am proud that he ran and hope he considers running again. The redistricting didn't help him, but it is still good that he ran and did so well.

  2. I agree whole heartedly, Well done Rob!