Monday, November 5, 2012

The Obligatory "Who I Am Voting For And Why You Should Too" Post

Before I start, I just want to make sure the gentle reader is aware that in Wisconsin, the gentle voter does NOT need to show a picture ID. Also, the gentle voter should be aware that there is no more straight party voting. One must go down the entire ballot and mark the ballot for each candidate separately.

Now, let's move on:

President/Vice President

As one might surmise, I am going to vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

When one looks at the main topics, the choice is really a no-brainer. While Obama has made his fair share of mistakes and has routinely tried to placate to many people instead of sticking to his decisions, he far exceeds Romney on every level.

While most people wish that the economic recovery was proceeding faster and that the jobs were coming back at a better rate, the fact is that this country has had 31 (or is it 32 now?) straight months of job growth. Romney, on the other hand, whether as governor or private businessman, has done nothing but kill jobs. As governor, Romney drove his state's status of a job creator from the 30's to nearly the worst. And that was just in one term. And do I really need to point out his aptitude and attitude towards job creation by pointing out Bain?

As for Obamacare, it is also that simple to sort out. On one hand, we have Obamacare which will make healthcare much more affordable. The Republicans are correct in saying that some people's taxes will go up. What they don't mention is that you'll be saving the exponentially rising cost that we are currently paying, eliminating the fear of being insurance poor.

With Romney/Ryan care, costs go up by thousands of dollars per year per person- and that's if one is lucky enough to even be able to keep one's insurance and not have it turned into a voucher coupon. The money that you've paid into the system will be gone and put in the hands of Wall Street, never for you to see again. Basically, it would be legalized robbery.

One of my favorite things to do, when encountering a person who says that they want "change" and are going to vote for Romney, is to ask them which Romney they are going to vote for. He has flip flopped so much that I'm not even sure he knows where he stands on any given issue. The only thing that Romney has brought to the table is baseless innuendo and race-baiting smears.

While Obama won't go down as the greatest president this country ever had, Romney has proven himself to be utterly unqualified.

US Senate

This is probably the easiest race to make a decision.

Tammy Baldwin's slogan sums it up neatly and honestly: While Baldwin stood up to the special interest, Tommy Thompson stood up with them - usually as their lobbyist.

The only thing that the Team Thompson and his special interest backers have been able to throw at Baldwin is that she is the "most liberal" and "mot extreme" person in Congress. It's kind of funny how any time a Democrat runs for any office, they automatically most liberal and most extreme in that body of government, the world and the universe. I've lost count long ago, but by a very conservative estimate, there has been about 2,495,781 most liberal/extreme Democrats that came from Wisconsin alone. And that's just in the last couple of years.

Meanwhile, the misogynistic, racist Thompson has a heckuva long history of turning his political positions into a big pile of personal wealth and now has a bit of a legal problem to boot.

And for anyone that would try the tax argument on this race, may I simply remind you of Thompson's most infamous words: "Stick it to them!"?

US House of Representatives

District 1

I'm not in this district, but the nod would have to go to Rob Zerban. Zerban is a small businessman who understands what works and what will create jobs, something which has been absent for years from this district. In fact, representation at any level has been missing from this district as Paul Ryan has gotten caught up in the world of the rich and powerful who have bought him off.

Zerban has been busting butt connecting to people throughout the district, answering tough questions and listening to what the people have to say. Ryan, when he bothers even being in his district, tells people what they should think and has anyone not toeing the line arrested.

The choice is easy for the people of this district. If you want at least a fighting chance at success, or if you want a job, or if you just want to be heard. If you want to maintain the status quo of no job, no money and no future, by all means, vote for Paul Ryan.

District 4

If you have ever heard Dan Sebring's radio commercial, you would automatically know that he is utterly unfit for office. The only thing he has to run on, in his peabrain, is that he is a white man and the incumbent Gwen Moore, is a black woman. There is no place in our government, or anywhere else, for that kind of blatant racism.

Outside of the racist ad, Sebring also would never be able to come close to matching Moore's compassion for the people of Milwaukee, nor would he even think about bringing all the benefits to the city that Ms. Moore has.

The nod definitely goes to Moore.

State Legislature

The following are the official Cog Dis endorsements. When possible, I've included the link to our original post about them.

State Senate

District 14 - Margarete Worthington

District 18 - Jessica King

District 20 - Tanya Lohr

District 22 - Robert Wirch

District 24 - Julie Lassa

District 28 - Jim Ward

District 32 - Jennifer Shilling

State Assembly

District 7 - Daniel Riemer

District 13 - John Pokrandt

District 14 - Chris Rockwood

District 15 - Cindy Moore

District 20 - Christine Sinicki

District 23 - Cris Rogers

District 38 - Scott Michalak

District 46 - Gary Hebl

District 48 - Melissa Sargent

District 62 - Melissa Lemke

District 63 - Kelley Dee Albrecht

District 71 - Yeah, good luck up there, people. You don't have a progressive to choose. Better luck in 2014!

District 96 - Tom Johnson

District 97 - Marga Krumins

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