Monday, November 5, 2012

Tom Johnson In The 96th!

The Wisconsin State sends out a voter guide to help readers know their candidate. Today in the 96th district, Republican Lee Nerison refused to respond.  I guess being a tool of WMC, means they did not give him permission to fill out the survey!

Luckily for the people of the 96th, there is another candidate.  Democrat and Air Force Hero Tom Johnson does not have a corporate master to answer to and was able to introduce himself to the voters of his district. 

Here are his answers:


What makes you stand out as a candidate?
Johnson: I am a disabled veteran who lost his leg in service to his country. Now, I want to fight for residents of the 96th District. I understand we must have a strong middle class if we want to keep Wisconsin's economy moving forward. Being disabled and on Medicare myself, I understand seniors and the disabled and will always fight for my fellow veterans.
If elected, would you revisit the issues of mining and venture capital? If so, how would you break the current impasse on these issues?
Johnson: Venture capital and mining did not get done this past session because Republicans like Lee Nerison refused to consider a bipartisan mining compromise that would have created jobs and protected our natural resources. I feel venture capital and mining are worth revisiting and would gain bipartisan support if done the right way.
What is your plan for improving the state's economy and adding jobs, and how would you get fellow lawmakers on board with it?
Johnson: We must restore the cuts made by Republicans like Lee Nerison to tech schools, where job training programs prepare people for the workforce. We also need to allow for business incentives, but we must ensure that these incentives are tied to job creation, something that is not part of the current Republican budget.
The governor has said he does not plan to enforce key parts of the Affordable Care Act, at least not until the November election. What is your stance on this issue?
Johnson: Gov. Walker is playing politics instead of doing what is right for our citizens. Thousands need coverage right now and can't afford to wait until some indefinite point in the future. Walker's decision follows a pattern of Republicans like Lee Nerison standing with insurance companies and not with consumers.

Apparently, Mr. Nerison's secrecy is well known within his district!

Who do you want representing you in government?  A representative who hides from his constituents or one who layed it all on the line fighting for our country?

Tom's website is here show him some support!!

Please Vote Tom Johnson! 

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