Saturday, November 3, 2012

Walkergate: It's Too Late To Save The Shoes

Someone asked me today if Tim Russell stepped in it at his court hearing today.

I replied that he might as well roll up his pants, it's too late to save his shoes.

Today was his last chance to save his bacon from the fire. If he was going to take a plea bargain, this was his last chance.

And that was in spite of the fact that he filed motions to have the DA's office disqualified based on smear piece by Media Trackers and that the case should be dismissed because he chose an unethical attorney.

As for the latter motion, Russell was contending that because his previous attorney, Dennis Krueger, had taken a job as a prosecutor in Fond du Lac County, the case should be dismissed. Judge David Hansher pointed out that it was an ethical issue and not a legal one, so it did not rise to the level where the case should be dismissed. Expect this to be one of the grounds used as a basis to appeal after Russell is convicted.

Russell also argued that the DA's office should be dismissed based in part on the libelous writings of Brian Sikma of Media Trackers, who has been trying everything and anything to discredit the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office. Sikma is the pseudo-journalist who was shown to be completely unreliable when he swore up and down that the story of a GOP operative being severely beaten was true and was later proven to be a hoax.

While the local paper did not even mention this, the court record clearly states that the "Court finds no basis for this motion to dismiss and that it borders on frivolous."

Frivolous would also be a good descriptive word for Media Trackers reporting as well.

Ah, but that's not all. Because when it comes to Walkergate - say it with me - there's more. There's always more.

It turns out that the DA's Office had offered a plea deal to Russell. But not being the most intellectually gifted person, Russell refused the deal. Because he did not take the deal by the end of Friday's hearing, the offer was rescinded.

It was also revealed that the reason Scott Walker was on the witness list was to verify that the document that he signed handing control of the Operation Freedom fund over to Russell. Walker could be off the hook if Russell stipulates the authenticity of the document, which I would expect he would do as that it appears that Russell has the romantic notion of falling upon his secret router for his long time special friend.

Another thing that came to light was that Russell is claiming that the money he allegedly stole from the veterans fund was really payments to himself for his work on the fund. In other words, Russell is saying that he paid himself over $20,000 in two years for running the fund, but simply didn't record it properly. He feels that this is in some of the emails that the DA has and which were given to his lawyer. All he needs is his lawyer to find this needle in a hay stack and he'll be off the hook for that charge, but will still have two more counts to deal with.

He should be aware that his buddy Kevin Kavanaugh also tried the sloppy bookkeeping defense. Now Kavanaugh is waiting to be sentenced.

If his lawyer would somehow find evidence that would exonerate him of this charge, the plea bargain might be on, but I wouldn't be holding my breath if I were Russell.

A point of interest is that the story is gaining more attention than just in the state and has appeared in the Twin Cities Pioneer Press. That's not exactly the sign of a case that's dead as a doornail, now is it? But of course, the gentle reader already knew that.

But for now, we will have to wait until December 3, 2012 to see what happens next on this roller coaster.

Meanwhile, Russell might want to buy a new pair of shoes.  But he shouldn't expensive ones, he won't need them for long.  The prison will provide him with a new pair soon enough.


  1. Walker has 2 more years in office. Certainly the trial be over before his term ends but if appeals are in progress during this timeframe, can Walker intervene with a pardon? Palli

    1. He could, but I don't see it happening, especially with possible charges pending. That would open the door wide for more serious charges on a federal level.

    2. Thanks, Capper. Palli

  2. Walker, Russell, Kavanaugh steal from veterans and the story was effectively buried. Few up North and in central Wisconsin knew the basic facts of the scandal, and the rats involved.

    However, I would like to see Walker's gang not in jail (taking away liberty ought to be a last resort) but rather sentanced to doing many hours of work helping veterans. It will make better men out of them, and certainly help our society and our veterans.

    1. With all due respect, MAL, these people will never learn.

  3. I'm glad Russell will gets his just deserts. Then the John Doe investigation can call him to testify about his relationship with Scott Walker and why he had that "secret" email system set up. All good evidence for when Scott Walker is put on trial.

    Side note, it will be interesting to see if Dennis Krueger, Fond du Lac County prosecuter, will step up to prosecute the multiple charges that Randy "Bed" Hopper now faces.
    DA Dan Kaminsky had to look all over to hire this Krueger lawyer when he did.

  4. The last people I would want working with veterans is the Walker gang. As was once said of Barry Goldwater, they could fall off the edge of the Grand Canyon and find something to steal before they hit bottom.

  5. "In other words, Russell is saying that he paid himself over $20,000 in two years for running the fund, but simply didn't record it properly......
    .....He should be aware that his buddy Kevin Kavanaugh also tried the sloppy bookkeeping defense."

    Seems like that's one of the ways Walker & Co. does business. Just look at the "sloppy accounting" happening over at the WEDC of which Walker happens to head the board. Me thinks Walker's dippin in everywhere he can and letting others take the hit. That cannot go on forever. Can it?