Saturday, November 3, 2012

President Romney - Day 100

Even a Republican could follow this one:

There are no do overs and no what ifs. If you don't vote, you have no one to blame but yourself. And if you vote for Romney, and then get screwed, again, you have no one to blame but yourself.

So ask your self these questions:

  • Romney or jobs?
  • Romney or wealth?
  • Romney or healthcare?
  • Romney or lower taxes?
  • Romney or rights and freedoms?
It's really that simple.


  1. Capper,

    I absolutely swear by your blog, frequently recommend it and the accurate, very in depth information contained within, along with your brilliant analysis of breaking news on the local state and nation levels. I am working for all the down-ticket Democratic candidates in hopes that some of them will have generous portions of small, "d," enthusiasm and resolve enough to bring back even a small portion of government, of, by and for the people.

    In asking myself the "simple," questions posed here though, I can honestly substitute Obama for Romney for any of them and get exactly the same answers that I am imagining your readers will jump to conclusions about, with this cheap fear and guilt trip crap being peddled in the clip. An easy post for a Saturday. I do hope you take this as honest difference of opinion and that I am not being too critical of you, because I absolutely could not come close to matching the information, understanding, energy or the capacity for the amount of good work that you do here daily.

    16 responses to the cute tea billy piece and not one comment to my admittedly long-winded rant in the second comment at VOTE, by Jeff, below. And in that rant I didn't even get into mentioning our failed before it begins, fiasco, planned attack on Iran, our yet unprosecuted and continued bank fraud, or Obama's comrades, Geithner, Duncan and the Rahmeister, bent on wholesale privatizing and profits over people.

    Seems you are aware also, that most voters are low information voters, sad story, heh? But I didn't think I'd ever see, and I am certainly disappointed to see the OFA type of, avoid the whole truth, pandering, featured on your otherwise excellent and top shelf for journalistic integrity site.

    Don't worry, Romney is not getting my vote either. And, as I stated in the comment below, the real work begins anew when the circus leaves town.

    Peace and Resolve

    1. Indeed, I am not overly thrilled with the corporate Democrats, such as Obama. But right now, he is, unfortunately, the only viable choice. A vote for the third parties might make one feel better, but it only accomplishes equating into a vote for Romney. Same goes for the people that won't vote on principle, because they don't like either candidate.

      As it is, it is a vote for the lesser evil, but the work that will really begin on November 7th will be much easier if we don't set ourselves even farther back.

  2. Appreciate very much your responding.

    I am too old to fear any more what I witness daily as the present evil, as opposed to any future perceived or potential evil. I've seen "Democratic," legislators dig their heels in harder against empowered Republicans that they ever did with present wholly psuedo-D, POTUS.

    I understand your point, and personally, I simply have had enough of letting fear of what might happen rule my decisions.

    Enabling the "lesser," evil simply gives it assumed full permission to continue to fester and grow. Either way, when voting with/for the status quo, presently, we will more greatly suffer and will be further diminished as a people and a nation. In the next election cycle we get to choose between the newly expanded version of the formerly lesser evil and the newly expanded potential unknown greater evil all over again. Time to break the cycle.

    With respect, Thanks for the opportunity to speak. I'm not out to change your opinion.

    1. The real work comes between elections, not during. I'd just rather not make that work even greater or more daunting than necessary.

    2. I've been working really hard with our local OFA and I can promise you that we don't pander or "conceal" truthful information about the president.

    3. Glad to hear that you would have no trouble openly discussing, widely disseminating or actively criticizing anything here:

      or here:

      within your county party. Let me know whom and how I can contact your local organization and assigned OFA operative, ASAP, please.

      That would give my great hope for actual change.

    4. Mmm, those are rather paranoid sites, aren't they? They make quite the accusations, but yet offer no support for them. Are you sure these are genuine and not some right wing scheme to undermine the left?

    5. This is already down-thread enough not to matter much, but Lori Wallach, I believe is a Wisconsin native and is a UW grad. lists how many corroborating stories??? Might want to check the site before suggesting the paranoia gambit.

      Here's another take with a professional analysis by an author of 62 books over several decades that you might want to post a link to when changing Obama's mind about anything small "d," proves impossible. Excellent summary as can be found of what I was so poorly able to be alluding to above.

  3. Nq,

    Thanks for commenting with such passion. I want to clear some stuff up. Everything I post is because I stand behind it 100%. I post videos I agree with 100%. I stand behind president Obama completely. I get that he has made some mistakes and isn't perfect. I am even disgusted by some things he has done. That being said, let's understand our system and understand that the two parties are completely different.

    The money involved is crazy and you can't get in the game without out it, which is why we only get baby steps in wall st reform. I don't like it but I get it.

    However, the difference between the two parties is the difference between Sonia sotomayor and alito, or the difference between Hilda solis and Elaine cho. Ask the victims of sandy if there is a difference between the two parties.

    While I do agree how important down ticket races are, I do stand 100% with president Obama. Not as the lesser of to evils, but as the best president of my lifetime and someone m proud to go vote for on Tuesday. I can't wait to cast that vote actually!

    1. Good Morning Jeff,

      I enjoy your perspectives, too and respect your considerable efforts and knowledgeable opinions.

      We'll have to agree to disagree, somewhat, here, though I think our ultimate goals are much the same, and my main point is that the status quo will continue to destroy the few tattered shards of what remains of anything that might be vaguely still titled as a democratic republic. Your argument about the money to "get in the game," proves my contentions.

      Romney and Obama are one and the same in socializing the costs and privatizing the profits at the expense of the general welfare of the PEOPLE. You can fantasize all you want to about having any small, "d," influence on either of them going forward. It simply isn't going to happen, under this plutocratic "system," ever. Not your fault or mine at this point. Don't take it as personal. Just take it as fact.

      Might want to re-post this comment stream up top as a new post. Thanks for speaking and for the space for this forum.

      Peace and Resolve