Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Abele's Donations

On Tuesday morning, Milwaukee County Chris Abele was on the radio with right wing squawker Jay Weber on WISN-AM.

The topic, as one might imagine, was the usurpation bill that he is trying to ram down our collective throats.

The bulk of the interview was Abele blaming the County Board and/or the unions for his shortcomings and his inability to be an effective and efficient leader.

But there was one part that really caught my attention.

Abele was trying to come off as bipartisan and proudly boasted that he has donated to the campaign funds for Representatives Joe Sanfelippo and Dale Kooyenga, both of whom are rabid Teapublicans.

There are three significant points made to Abele's campaign donations.

One, Kooyenga is the Teapublican that has written and will introduce a bill that is solely designed to stop the streetcar system that Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is trying to get built.  Abele and Barrett are supposed to be the best of friends, even announcing their reelection bids together.  This brings up one of the questions I said Wisconsinites needed to ask themselves:
For those who support Abele's power grab:

Take a few minutes to think about how Abele has treated other people who also supported him and was much closer to him than you are.  Think about the way he suddenly stabbed the backs of Sue Black, Frank Busalacchi, Paula Lucey and most recently, Jim Burton.  And let's not forget that County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic and Supervisor John Weishan both endorsed and supported Abele when he first ran for county executive.

Yet Abele has thrown all of these people under the proverbial bus.

So if he will stab his closes supporters in the back without hesitation, what makes you think he won't do the same to you?
The second point is that both of these Teapublicans who are beneficiaries of Abele's generosity are cosponsors of AB 85, the plutocracy bill, with Sanfelippo being the one spearheading the push. But Sanfelippo was just elected five months ago and sworn in three months ago and introduced the bill just last month. It would be very interesting to see just when Abele made his donation.  It sure seems like a bit of pay to play going on, doesn't it?

Thirdly, we have Abele, who is supposedly a Democrat, making campaign donations to some of the most rabid Teapublicans there are so that they will attack his fellow Democrats and the unions.  The unions are fighting this tooth and nail, but there has not been one word from the Democratic Party about this.  Who's running this show and should they be if this is the kind of stuff they turn a blind eye to?


  1. The only recent one showing is $5G to Ed Fallone:;DESC

  2. During the recall I keep saying, posting, emailing that to bring all the other Walker BS that was planned for and anyone paying attentions knew about. From sell off of state assets, mining, filling in wetlands etc. But the turd TATE paid no attention. I said with that, that if it was made all union there was no way to get walker out. In the state you have two very different groups those that are pro union and a bit larger but a majority that do not. When I watch TATE on Ed's show I was embarrassed that he represented the dems. Ed tried and tried to get that little smiling laughing idiot to call out the DNC and Obama. But hell no, the spineless little clown didn't. Now I read this. WHEN IN THE HELL will someone get that asshole out of there. I have always been independent but have always been a liberal. I had supported the WDP until just after the recall. Then just return to sender any of his beg for money. Another waste was all the ad time on that I saw on MSNBC and mail to me. WHAT THE HELL FOR! All that money should have go to ad and mailing to indies and repos. But I heard of no one on the right I know get any. Why preach to the choir with the choir is all ready on board. IDIOTS. People who run that I side with will get money right from me. I will never again hand over money to the foolishly and ignorantly run WDP until TATE is replaced by someone the LISTENS (that shit don't know shit) and has the balls and smarts TATE does not. Am I surprised by this article, hell