Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In The Land Of Make Believe!

By Jeff Simpson

We all know ScottWalker promised to create 250,000 jobs in four years and even politifact has pointed out that he really has no chance to come close to that promise.

For our job count we use a combination of the best available annual and monthly data supplied by the state and the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. You can see month-to-month changes in this graphic.
Factoring in the February numbers, our records say that the state added about 63,700 private sector jobs since Walker took office in January, 2011. The means he has 186,300 jobs to add in the remaining 21 months of his administration -- an average of 8,871 per month -- to meet his promise.

Republican Speaker Robin Vos has distanced himself from the Governor's promise as often as possible:

The Milwaukee Business Journal is reporting that Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is backing away from Scott Walker’s central campaign promise to create 250,000 new private sector jobs.
Speaking at a Milwaukee Press Club Newsmakers luncheon on Monday, Vos stated, “It’s a very difficult road to hoe right now, to be very honest. But Governor Walker made that promise. Assembly Republicans — we did not make that promise.”

Unemployment is up in nearly EVERY Wisconsin county, and under the Walker regime and republican control, Wisconsin is ranked 41st in personal income growth and 44th in job growth!  Everything the republicans have done for the state show its NOT working!


In the land of make believe(otherwise known as the Maciver Institute):

 Wisconsin has 137,372 more private sector jobs than when Governor Scott Walker first took office in January 2011,

You can decide for yourself which one is Brian Fraley, Jimmy Wigderson and Brett Healy!


  1. It's worse than that. It's willfully lying to people with the same lie Walker got a "pants on fire" rating for from "Politifact".

    As I mentioned today, will MacIver have a similar headline saying "80,000 jobs lost in 6 months!" after the March numbers come out? Because we usually lose about 80,000 jobs in the state between September and March, even in a "growing" economy. Just look outside to figure out why.

    1. Jake
      Thanks. Wanted to post that comment but didn't have time to get home to do my research.

      Interestingly the timing of those official March numbers will be around September? Just when our beloved Governor will be ramping up his presidential machine. MacIver should have stayed quiet if they wanted to help him.

      Maybe Speaker Vos helped MacGiver 'find' that info to help his pending tryst-inspired power play (although I don't think he is smart enough ... or even knows who Machiavelli is)?
      The plots thicken.