Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Shocking! Walker Supports Abele's Usupration Plan

In the least surprising news* of the day, Scott Walker has come out in favor of Milwaukee County Emperor Executive Chris Abele's overreaching usurpation bill:
Gov. Scott Walker Tuesday voiced his support for a Wisconsin
proposal to downsize the Milwaukee County Board on the eve of a state hearing on the bill.

Meanwhile, members of the Milwaukee County Board are planning their own counter-attack against the bill with a press conference in the State Capitol building a half-hour before the 10 a.m. legislative hearing. Walker, former Milwaukee County executive, said he supports the state proposal to call a referendum on the downsizing.
That should come as no surprise.

As Kelsey Richards pointed out over the weekend, Walker has been pandering to the fat cats at the Greater Milwaukee Committee for years, touting their plan to put fiscal martial law into effect in Milwaukee:
How else could Scott Walker fulfill the Greater MilwaukeeCommittee’s (GMC) prophecy right under our noses? In 2009, County Executive Walker touts 4 “criteria” that, if met, would quantify their agenda to “eliminate county government and transfer the assets to the state”.

  • Think about that. What would it take to render the people so oppressed that they would actually help him further the agenda?
  • Forcing a wage and benefit structure change on state employees (divide and conquer)
  • Reforming service delivery: education, transit, fire department, etc (eliminate services)
  • County assets transfer to privatization (remove revenue capability and local control)
  • Reform budget process (eliminate accountability to the people)

Scott Walker admits he has been working on this agenda for years with the GMC prior to running for governor. The people were sleeping in 2010 and I remember a lot of people in Milwaukee demanding to know why the people in the rest of the state would elect someone who decimated the largest county in WI under his watch. I also remember the people in surrounding counties wondering where the people of Milwaukee County were in 2010 when Scott Walker “pulled the wool over their eyes”. How could they not be screaming about what he did?
Hmmm, working on the agenda for years. There's another hole in Representative Joe Sanfelippo's claim that he wrote the bill all by himself.

And those items Richards points out are the same things Abele is touting when he is trying to drum up support for this piece of offal.

Think about it.  Abele is going around trying to pretend that the voters actually have a say in this with their red herring referendum.  The damage will be done long before any referendum is held.  He's been attacking the county workers, especially the unionized ones.  Abele wants to cut the Sheriff's Office to the core, he's trying to close the mental health complex and has openly stated his desire to privatize everything he can.

And to carry out his agenda, Abele has to remove the county board, or at least hamstring them enough so that they can't protect the taxpayers and vulnerable citizens.

Given that Abele's power grab is akin to Michigan's fiscal martial law, I sure as hell hope people are asking themselves some serious questions.

*What is surprising is that a professional publication would allow that report to be published in that form.  It's very poorly written and has at least two glaring inaccuracies.

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