Sunday, April 7, 2013

Let the Punishment Commence!

By Jeff Simpson

Representative Howard Marklein has decided he has had enough of Dale Schultz's moderation and has announced his intention to primary Schultz

 SPRING GREEN…Representative Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green) announced his candidacy for Wisconsin’s 17th State Senate District today. Marklein, a CPA and Certified Fraud Examiner, is currently serving his second term as State Representative for the 51st Assembly District in southwestern Wisconsin

The 17th Senate District is currently held by Senator Dale Schultz (R-Richland Center). Schultz, a long-time incumbent, has been in office since 1982. Senator Schultz’s current four year term is up in November 2014. Schultz has not yet announced his re-election plans.

“I am extremely humbled by the support and encouragement I’ve received from supporters to run for the Senate. I am announcing my campaign to ensure that we are able to continue to build on the good work we have done,” Marklein said. “After growing up on a dairy farm in the district, I believe I will bring a fresh, common-sense perspective to the Senate. As a CPA with extensive private sector experience, I will continue to advance the belief that government’s role is to provide the tools private businesses need to grow, rather than create road blocks to economic growth. I will also continue to advocate for policies that benefit our communities by allowing the private sector to create good jobs for our hard working people.”
 Marklein,  who vastly outspent his opponent, in a heavily gerrymandered district and still only won by 1000 votes has decided that moderation must be punished and he is the one person with a mandate to do it. 

Dissent, free thinking, alternate opinions, rational discussion and reaching across the aisle will NOT be tolerated in 2013 Wisconsin. Brad Courtney,  Howard Marklein, Robin Vos, Scott Fitzgerald, Scott Walker and the rest of the party have decided that they have had enough of Dale Schultz thinking for himself.   We are 44th and sinking in jobs created, public education is being attacked and our budget is being "balanced" by going deeper in debt than ever!  To the republicans, this constitutes "working".

Dale Schulz has seen first hand the massive fail and has tried to hit the brakes during the Walker administration's race to the bottom, and that is unacceptable. 

And Ladies and gentlemen, that is your 2013 Wisconsin republican party!   

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 Senator Dale Schultz PHOTO: WRN


  1. Jeff,

    You got a point. Primary challenges are the worst thing the god damn world!

    Chris Larson should resign his seat and demand Jeff Plale be re-instated post haste!

    (Oh wait...did I just point out your own side's hypocrisy in three sentences flat?)

    1. O Kevin, You guys think so small. Is it easier to live that way or is that just your max effort?

      I have no problem with primaries, i wish everyone had them. Although I would prefer that every seat be competitive, which would give us actual representation.

      The Plale comparison is a bad one. We are talking schulz who is actually popular in his district, compared to Marklein who despite massive outspending, against a political newcomer and one of the most gerrymandered seats barely snuck by. He won by a percentage point and had the district stayed the same he would have lost by 8.

      In a state where the democratic voters massively outnumber the republican voters, he is hardly popular nor is he representative of his district.

      A better analogy of this would be if Plale ran against Risser.

      Its also interesting that fresh off of his squeaker he would announce it so early in the process. Who else in this state has announced plan to run for a higher office(besides scott walker of course)?

      It was done so early, before the budgeting process, as a means to send a message to Schultz and anyone else who might dare question the Walker austerity - privatize schools and put us in the hole for billions budget.

      If you think for yourself, and try and represent the whole state, then you will be punished. If you decide to please charlie sykes, waukesha and West bend then you may live to serve another term.

      Your small minded thinking and declaring yourself the victor, it makes it look like your just a paid hack.

      PS: your half hearted attempt at a bad analogy was only two sentences.

  2. I'm a registered democrat and look forward to financially supporting Senator Schultz.

    But I wish to God, or whoever, that I didn't have to. We need public financing for political offices NOW.

  3. The truth is......If you don't drink the repug water they will find some body to run against you! Mike Ellis........Look out and all the others making noise your next!!!!!! Walker and his sissy band of thieve won't stop till WE the people of this great state stand up at the voting booth and vote their sorry ass out!!!!