Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tax Day "Tea Party"

By Jeff Simpson

Cancelled!   H/T Blue Cheddar:

 This years Tax Day Tea Party Rally has been canceled. There was not enough time to get the event together and instead of looking bad because of lack of preparation, we have decided to not host it this year. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Apparently April 15th snuck up on them this year.  Or it could be that people get that under President Obama taxes, spending and the deficit are all lower than when President Obama first took office.    It could also be so simple an explanation as the "tea party" has long outlived it's usefulness and no one cares!  

Whatever the reason, all I could think of is:


  1. In other words, no one was going to show up.

    This is a true sign that the Tea Party in Wisconsin is no longer a vibrant movement, now only an anachronism.

    Might this mean the Kochs have given up pumping money into Wisconsin?

  2. The Kochs are cutting their spending in Wisconsin. Tea Bagger Jake Jacobs' blog said “Americans For Prosperity who has normally hosted the event has chosen to pass this year.”

    The grass astroturf roots were not able to organize a viable rally without subsidies from their billionaire overlords.

    Jacobs wrote ”Many have said the Tea Party is funded by big corporate money and many others say the Tea Party is a dying movement. If the event happens, it will prove the Tea Party movement in Wisconsin is grassroots.”

    Well Jake, the failure of Tea Bagger Tax Day demonstrated the Tea Baggers are a dying movement. Can’t say I will miss you zombies.