Monday, April 1, 2013

The Way Randy Sees It!

By Jeff Simpson

There is an interesting battle on Tuesday in Cudahy, WI, District 3 between liberal blogger Zach Wisniewski and far right republican blogger Randy Hollenbeck (who inexcusably has a forum on Cudahynow). 

While Zach's has been campaigning, doing doors and meeting the constituents, his opponent has used his blog strictly to campaign(Zach did not turn blogging blue into a campaign website).   Randy has used his barely read blog to perpetually campaign.  Apparently its much easier to blog about running than go out and meet people who might disagree with you!

Randy also used his blog to let you get to know him and what he thinks and what he believes.

 Justin(Moralez)shares many of the same qualities I have and I am asking you to vote for him.  I hope he has earned your vote because I know if I was living in the district and not running I would vote for him.  He has earned it and I think you know that as well.
Well As Randy said.... Justin has earned my respect and admiration and I hope yours as well.

While I was not going to write about the operating a vehicle over the legal limit ticket, until Randy explained it further, thus exposing who he is.  

Here is Justin’s response to the ongoing investigation and case -  "Yeah, I got cited for swerving in a damn snow storm and fighting it because the charges were baseless.  Unfortunately I have to wait till May to go through the process but I'm confident they will get dropped. 

It's a traffic ticket after all but I've worked hard to maintain a stellar reputation."

Since Randy and Justin share many of the same qualities, it appears that those qualities are a lack of respect for the police, perpetual excuse making, and no personal accountability is ok then these are your guys.  If you think that operating your car while drinking is just "a traffic ticket" then support Randy and Justin.  

If family values, personal responsibility, respect and the ability to listen to all points of view matter to you:

Vote Zach Wisniewski in Cudahy District 3 on April 2nd!  

While you are there, also please vote for Ed Fallone!



  1. Paul Ryan blowback from 2012 continues!

    Paul Ryan Thrown Out of Easter Mass For Views On Poverty

    "A spokesperson for St. John Vianney's church in Janesville, Wis. says it was enforcing a new papal order barring uncharitable politicians from participating in Catholic rites when it refused communion to Ryan and asked him to leave the building. "

    This should be fun.

  2. As fun as that story is, and as true as it should be, the daily currant is a satirical website.

  3. Reading through his blog I do see he has written several times about the conversations he has had at the doors, so it is not fair to say he is not knocking on doors. But he is a little wacky on the right.