Monday, September 29, 2014

Blood is Not As Thick As Party

By Jeff Simpson

In a very sad story, Representative John Nygren's 25 year old daughter was recently arrested again for possession. 

Twenty-five-year-old Cassie Nygren of Marinette appeared in Brown County court on Monday after being arrested Friday morning. A report by Press-Gazette Media said Nygren faces two counts of possession of narcotic drugs and one count of possessing an illegally obtained prescription.

Nygren's struggle with heroin has made her a face of recovery and prompted her father, Republican state Rep. John Nygren, to draft legislation aimed at helping addicts.

Rep. Nygren told WBAY-TV that he's "disappointed, saddened, a little angry" but not surprised by his daughter's arrest. He did not appear at her hearing.
While I can not imagine the pain of watching your child go through this, Mr. Nygren has had enough:

Bail was set at $5,000 cash bond. Defense attorney Shannon Viel said it was too early to comment.
John Nygren said he won't be bailing his daughter out, and that she needs to pay the consequences for her mistake.
 The sad thing for the people of Wisconsin and Nygren;s daughter, is that Rep. Nygren does not feel the same about Governor Scott Walker.

When asked about the John Doe 2 Investigation, Representative Nygren had this to say:

“We were thinking this was a witch hunt from the beginning; the judge’s decision only underscores that,” he said.

“What’s happening here is what happened in New Jersey in reverse,” Nygren said. “It is equally troubling, especially when you consider this is our political process. We are talking about stifling speech.”
Apparently Representative Nygren does not feel that The Governor needs to "pay for his mistakes".   The problem with letting him get away with "mistakes" then the next thing you know you are right back in hot water again.   

A little tough love shown to the Governor early on and we might not be in the mess we are in now!  We know now, do not look to Rep. Nygren for leadership!  

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