Saturday, September 6, 2014

Caption This: Walker Promotes "Unintimidated" To Captive Audience

Apparently, Scott Walker's book is selling so poorly that he is forced to push it to captive audiences:

It has to be that because it would be just too outrageous to think that he would cynically use a bunch of African American children for a photo op.


  1. The book he's holding is "Wild About Books" by Judy Sierra, a story about a bookmobile librarian who drives into a zoo by mistake, teaches the animals to read and write and opens their own "zoobrary." I'm no fan of the Governor's and, yes, it's a photo-op but reading aloud to kids is still a good thing.

  2. "I wanted to read 'My Pet Goat' but Senator Grothman ate it the last time we had GOP book club.

  3. Wasn't the title of Walker's book "Un Indicted"?

    It doesn't look like we're at a school in Mr Walker's Neighborhood.

  4. ...and then the brothers gave the Prince millions of dollars and everyone lived happily ever after.