Friday, September 5, 2014

What is Outrageous?

 By Jeff Simpson


adjective \(ˌ)at-ˈrā-jəs\
: very bad or wrong in a way that causes anger : too bad to be accepted or allowed
: very strange or unusual : surprising or shocking

By now everyone who is paying attention has heard of the ridiculous analogy that Debbie Wasserman Schultz has used to describe Scott Walker's policies toward women.   

Scott Walker is not one to comment but he had thoughts on what Ms. Wasserman Schultz had to say:

"Governor, what's your reaction to Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz's comments Wednesday in Milwaukee?" Wainscott asked.
"I think it's outrageous, and it's unfortunate," Walker said.
While many Wisconsin Republicans were quick to blast Wasserman Schultz, calling her language insensitive to victims of domestic violence, this was WISN 12 News' first chance to hear what the governor had to say about the comments aimed at him and his policies.
"To use that language, (is) just completely inappropriate. And I would hope that my opponent and others, as loudly as possible, would denounce that. It shouldn't matter where it comes from, regardless of party, people shouldn't be using that language," Walker said.
Walker said that if Mary Burke believes the comments from the Democratic Party leaders were, in his words, outrageous, she should take a strong stand against them.
Now we finally have a base line to what the Governor feels is "outrageous" and what he feels should be done when someone uses "language that is just completely inappropriate".   You should take a strong stand against them.   

What is incredibly interesting about that belief from Governor Walker is the fact that he has had NOTHING whatsoever to say or even acknowledged the following(that were all part of #walkerdocs and emailed to him and made public):

Emails from one of his top aides refer to county mental health facilities as “the loony bin” and that same top deputy claims “no one cares about crazy people.”  -- greeted with silence by Scott Walker.  

When a rape happened at a county facility, was part of an email chain that pointed out that his staff should STOP thinking like a lawyer and think about how this effects us politically!  ----greeted with silence by Scott Walker

 Scott Walker's chief of staff, the recently deceased Tom Nardelli, sent an incredibly disgusting racist email that started a little email chain of comments(no complaints) -  also greeted by silence from Scott Walker.

A woman who starved to death at the county mental facility family, was planning on suing the county and Scott Walker showed so much sympathy that this is all he had to say about the matter "keep it buried until after the election."   -   --- No explanation from Scott Walker here either.  

Yet another racist email by Nardelli now smearing Muslims. --- Silence from Scott Walker. 

14 year old boy dies horrible death in front of his parents and the one concern that Scott Walker and his staff have is that it not hurt him politically.    --- no explanation from Scott Walker.  

Now to recap from our short incomplete list.  To Scott Walker it is not "outrageous" nor is it "unfortunate" to send racist emails, make racist comments, cover up deaths and rape and make fun of the mentally ill.  It is however unfortunate  and outrageous to criticize his policies. 

Seems to me Mike Ellis got it right!  

"Walker is for Walker"


  1. What about the 10 descriptions that he made about public employees and teachers in his describing how he was not intimidated by outrageous things, events and people.

  2. I wonder what Scott Walker thinks of the midwestern governor a few years back who told his cabinet several days before he was going to introduce some controversial legislation that he was about to "drop the bomb" on his political opposition? I bet he'd have lots to say about that kind of language -- how come no one asks?

    And then there's that autobiography from that very same governor that claims that he is some sort of hero for standing up to his brutal, thuggish political opposition -- you know, the ones he dropped "the bomb" on -- without providing proof of a single verifiable thuggish act. In fact, the public record shows that his political opposition is far more likely to be brutalized by the governor's underlings following the governor's orders than to beat up on, or even bother, others. How come PolitiFact never politifact-checks that?

    Oh -- and how does bad language stack up against illegal acts in Scott Walker's opinion? Wisconsin is eager to find out.

    1. And how about the baseball bat that Scott Walker told the fake David Koch he keeps in his office? Was it there just in case the opportunity for a pick-up game with some Capitol protesters came up or for a decidedly more violent purpose?

      Someone needs to ask Scott Walker which is rhetorically more acceptable (or less outrageous), the back of a hand or a baseball bat. I would really like to hear his answer.

  3. Recently former Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen McDonnell were found guilty of a whole bunch of corruption charges.

    What is outrageous is how this whole debacle started. I wonder if Scott Walker can trade pre-sentencing letters with the McDonnells?

    The chef

    The investigation was unexpectedly triggered by a separate probe into allegations that Todd Schneider, the McDonnells’ chef at the Executive Mansion, stole food.

    In a 2012 interview with investigators, Schneider detailed the McDonnells’ relationship with Williams, telling them of a $15,000 check the then-CEO provided to cover catering expenses at the June 2011 wedding reception of the McDonnells’ daughter Cailin.

    As the investigation expanded, authorities uncovered a slew of gifts — designer dresses and accessories from a $20,000 New York shopping spree for the first lady, an engraved $6,500 Rolex watch for the governor, golf outings at Williams’ exclusive club, a lake house vacation that featured a trip in Williams’ Ferrari, and $120,000 in three loans the couple solicited to help meet the obligations of their sagging real estate investments.

    Schneider, fired from the mansion in early 2012, eventually pleaded no contest to two misdemeanor counts of embezzlement and received a one-year suspended sentence.

    Williams, under investigation for securities violations related to Star stock, was given broad immunity in exchange for his testimony against the former first couple. Attempts to reach Williams for comment were unsuccessful.

    Cough cough veterans cough cough two dads sexting cough cough.

  4. Uh, how does the old phrase go??
    Something like: Take the plank out of your own eye before you poke around in someone else's eye!!
    Gov, maybe too much pot and kettle here??? What a joke.

  5. Pretty lame coming from a guy who's whole political career is littered with casting aspersions...

  6. I think it is outrageous that the Governor will not order his Attorney General to stop the money wasting crusade against gay rights.

  7. Gee, Jeff, you sound like Capper- a person who hates Walker to the point of obsession. Like a stalker who goes after little girls and little boys. Your life is consumed with Walker.
    Same with the commentators who visit this site.
    That's pretty pathetic and you pretty much need a life.

    1. I know, walker deserves better.
      just like he gives.
      seems to me you need the life Dan.
      take you head out of the sand and look around..

    2. You are correct anony, I am sorry. The only sane way to handle this is keep letting scott and becky bloviate over these comments and pretend they would never say(or do)anything outrageous!

      Hopefully if we all generate enough fake outrage we can close the poll gap lead that Mary Burke just took!

    3. This is funny coming from a guy who is obsessed with Harry Reid. What's the matter, Danny? Walmart screwing you over again? Or maybe you're just tired talking to yourself?

    4. Name one thing in that post that's wrong, Danny.

      I got two words for you "Louisville Slugger." And that wasn't said by a Walker spokesperson on AM radio or a WisGOP official at a campaign rally, that was said by Walker himself. When he thought no one else was listening.

      You wanna go there, son?

  8. Dan, you have a knack for republican politics. You should consider a run for the Assembly. You would fit right in. Given your style, a leadership position is in your future.

  9. Outrageous? Yes the fake republican outrage is outrageous. More outrageous is the coordinated response by the republicans on FCC regulated media that is never countered by the democrats using the Equal Time Rule.

  10. What is outrageous to me is the fact that the DNC lady back pedaled on her statement at all. She said what she said, she meant what she meant, so stick by it and ignore all the reaction. The republicans do it all the time and get away with it over and over. Be a leader for once and don't be timid when you do something! What was said will quickly be forgotten but the reaction from the statement and backing off always sticks like glue to the memory.

    1. I agree, should've taken it as an opportunity to explain all the negative crap Walker has done to women and families.

  11. What is outrageous about DWS's statement is that it is pretty much true. If it was overstatement then instead of saying the back of the hand she could toned it down to just the middle finger.