Monday, September 29, 2014

Which Political Gift Is Worth More?

This is a serious question: Which of Boss Abele's political gifts is worth more?

Boss Abele has given about $40,000 to Mary Burke's campaign through direct donations and channeled through other means.

Going along with his willing failure to follow Freedom of Information Act laws, he is still stonewalling on releasing all of the Walkergate emails.

So which is the better gift - what is equivalent to pocket change for both Abele and Burke or keeping all of the information contained in the Walkergate documents away from the public?

Personally, I think that Abele is just hedging his bets, groveling to both candidates in order to "expand his sphere of influence."

But can anyone trust a man like Boss Abele who is playing both sides against the middle class?

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  1. Better start thinking of a worthy candidate for county exec in 2016.