Monday, September 1, 2014

News Flash: Road Construction Causes Traffic Delays

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has some breaking news from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation:
The Department of Transportation recently released its first "Travel Time Reliability and Delay Report," which analyzes two seasons of travel and delay data for major freeways around Milwaukee and Madison.

The conclusion: Riders on almost half of Milwaukee-area freeways are doing double time on most drives.

The study shows that this past spring, eight of the city's 20 freeway segments were so congested that an average trip at peak travel hours took twice as long as it would on clear roads.
Gosh! What a shocker!

Just because Scott Walker is paying back the road builders for all their donations by having them doing work on almost every stretch of highway in Milwaukee County and people can't use side streets because they are in such a state of disrepair and full of potholes, who'd have thunk that there'd be traffic jams on the freeways?

I don't know which is worse - that the DOT had to squander taxpayers money to tell us the obvious or that the paper thought that this was newsworthy.  At least one can not subscribe to the paper immediately.  We can't get rid of Walker until November.

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  1. Had some fun with the "fiscal conservatives" a few years back on the local newspaper's board; when I suggested that the job creators stagger their work start and stop times to relieve congestion on the highways instead of spending millions on highway expansion and maintenance.