Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Rovian Gambit

By Jeff Simpson

We all remember that during one of the many #walkerdoc drops, we saw an email where Scott Walker was kissing up to Karl Rove.  

We know through the eight years of Karl Rove, being on the center stage as one of the power structure of the Bush administration, would pull out any and all stops to win! 

When The Bush team was trying to sell us that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction,  Ambassador Joe Wilson, who was sent on a mission to see if they actually did have WMD's(they didn't), came out publicly telling America that Bush was lying.    Instead of making their case against Ambassador Wilson, Karl Rove engineered an attack against Wilson's wife - Valerie PlamePlame was an undercover CIA agent at the time, but that did not stop Rove and crew from attacking her

Fast forward to Wisconsin 2014, Scott Walker is dropping in the polls like the temperature in November.  The Scott Walker for Governor campaign did a statewide survey of women head of households, on Monday night.

They obviously did not like the results, because the next day, in a classic example of tone deaf, they used an anonymous source, quoting an anonymous source attacking DA John Chisholm's wife

Anything to win. 

Clearly Rovian, blatantly cowardly yet right in the right wing extremists(like Charely Sykes) wheelhouse of low down. dirty, disgusting tactics.  

Do not believe it, do not listen to it, do not click on their disgusting links.   Understand its pure desperation and anyone in the "media" trying to push this story is not a serious person.  


  1. Women are easer to throw under the campaign bus, In the world of the GOP.

  2. If they're trying to go the "dirty hippie/ union thug" route, it tells me that WisGOP have NOTHING left to run on.

    It also tells me that Scotty's likely to find out what it's like to have "the bomb" dropped on him once the Appeals Court kicks Rudy Randa's absurd ruling to the curb

  3. Attack the lady (call her manipulative, weak, and a crybaby), that's the answer to get the women out to vote for Walker.

    It's just incredible that these people are actually in control of this great state right now.