Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Scott Walker Gives Up On Creating Jobs!

By Jeff Simpson

This is Scott Walker running for Governor in 2010. 

This is also Scott Walker running for Governor in 2012:

Walker talked about the jobs promise during the 2010 campaign, after he won election and even during the 2012 recall.
"I want my Cabinet secretaries to have branded across their heads, '250,000 jobs,'" Walker said at a December 2010 meeting of the Dairy Business Association. "I want them to know their job is on the line because my job is on the line to create 250,000 jobs in the private sector."

This is the actual result of Scott Walker's jobs promise - a very generous 102,813.   For those of you scoring at home, that leaves Mr. Walker 147,187 jobs short of his major campaign promise/pledge.  

For those of you also scoring at home, the amount of Cabinet Secretaries who have been fired because they have failed at creating jobs - 0.

Now Scott Walker is up for re election again and his jobs pledge is - nonexistent

Gov. Scott Walker said Tuesday he won't make another job creation promise like he did four years ago, a pledge he's all but certain not to fulfill by the end of his term in December.
Walker said his economic development plan to be unveiled in coming weeks will be a detailed proposal about how to grow quality jobs, but it won't include a specific promise of how many jobs would be created.
Apparently being Governor for four years with the full legislature in complete control by republicans was not enough time to implement an economic development plan that works on creating jobs.   

Whats the most telling about Scott Walker's jobs failure is how little he actually knows about job creation, and he tells us! 

"We aimed to have a Super Bowl-performance economy. We think we're headed in the right direction, but we've still got more work to do, which is why we're asking for four more years to do it," he said.
Scott Walker obviously doesnt understand what Super Bowl Performance means, especially when he has put up a Tampa Bay Buccaneers expansion years worthy performance.   When we are sitting at 37th place in jobs, reaching his goal would have been nice, but hardly Super Bowl performance adjective worthy.   That would have moved us to a Detroit Lions analogous jobs creating performance.

I will give Scott Walker credit though, he has realized he is not competent enough to create jobs in Wisconsin and his republican cohorts have no interest in doing it, so now he can avoid those questions the next four years!   


  1. His 1/14/14 comments works for me. He surrounded himself with felons. He is not fit to be re-elected.

  2. Super Bowl performance? Walker is more like a bench warmer at a middle school flag football game.

    1. And how was Wisconsin 0-16 when Walker took office? Wisconsin was 11th in the nation for job growth in Doyle's last year, and had an unemployment rate 1.4% below the national average.

      The true analogy is that under Scott Walker, Wisconsin has gone from a playoff team to a 5-11 JOKE for 3 years in a row. Any NFL coach would be fired if he did that.

  3. Probably his first quality job creation will be to remove that 250,000 figure from the foreheads of his cabinet. The best quality job that he could create for which we would all be grateful would be to have Mary Burke take over his job!

  4. Scott Walker's aim was off. He gave us a shit bowl performance. His brainchild, the WEDC proved to be a money laundering operation that gave state funds to Walker cronies in exchange for campaign donations.