Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Freedom of Speech - Teahadist Style

On September 11, the country went through extra precautions all over to make sure no jihadists used that date to strike at the United States again.

They forgot to watch out for the teahadists:
U.S. Attorney Tammy Dickinson has announced charges against a Kansas City man accused of throwing Molotov cocktails at U.S. Rep Emanuel Cleaver’s (D) congressional office.

Investigators looked over surveillance tapes to identify the suspect who tried to throw incendiary devices at Cleaver’s office  on Thursday.
28-year-old Eric King was identified from those tapes and charged with using a dangerous instrument to oppose, impede, intimidate and interfere with a federal official engaged in the performance of his official duties, according to KMBC.

The incident was captured on surveillance footage early in the morning on Sept. 11th, showing a man getting out two bottles with an ignition source, throwing a hammer at a window and lighting the devices. The suspect attempted to throw the devices but they never made it inside the building.

According to police, King was identified as the suspect after investigating a series of anti-government acts of vandalism in Kansas City.

In addition, King’s Facebook page suggested his intention to send anti-government messages..
Nothing to see here, just the right wing being their usual classy selves.

Hat tip to Anomaly 100.

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