Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Incredible Coincidence!

By Jeff Simpson

Washington is Still Digging!

Incredibly, Scott Walker put out an ad which looked eerily similar:

They even shop at the same store?  Im guessing they are both wearing a Faded Glory blue shirt!    Seriously though, so someone in Washington stole Scott Walker's idea's.  Why wouldnt they the guy is full of ideas.   We know though that WI is on the comeback, (four years of republican control will set anyone waaaay back), another incredibly brilliant marketing campaign thought up by Scott Walker

 “I just think it’s disappointing that their campaign that puts so much emphasis and made such a big deal about how this was based on her own personal record, and her time at Harvard Business School…ends up in the end now looks like, at least a good chunk of it came from a political hack taking it from other states,” said Governor Walker.