Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CCXXXIII

While Scott Walker and his apologists are trying anything and everything to distract the voters, we can see that his agenda is still working with its usual effectiveness:
About 70 people will lose their jobs when Bayshore Town Center's Sears store closes in December, according to a notice from the state Tuesday.

The notice said about 67 employees will be laid off when the Sears store at 5900 N. Port Washington Road closes. A permanent shutdown is slated for Dec. 7, or close to that date, the letter said. A liquidation sale is already underway, according to a company spokesman.

The same spokesman previously told the Milwaukee Business Journal the Bayshore Sears store and its adjacent Sears Auto Center employ 86 in total.
Is it any wonder that Walker wants to talk about almost anything but his job record? The only thing he is less likely to discuss is Walkergate.

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