Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Quack Walker

By Jeff Simpson 

Scott Walker has proven, four years into being Governor, that he likes to take Wisconsin backwards.   Walker, being ever the opportunist, and master campaigner, has decided to cash in on his regressive policies!   

Annual fall, play duck hunt with Gov. Scott Walker

W9489 Affeldt Road,
New London.

$1000 per person to play duck hunt
$250/$500 for just a hot dog and a jolly good.

Please make checks payable to: Friends of Scott Walker

To express your dismay, please contact
Laura Gralton at 414-881-1005 / or
Colleen Coyle at 608-239-5601 or

In our depressed Walker economy, its amazing that people still have $1000 of disposable income to play a thirty year old video game!   It does make sense though, over the years Atari has been owned by several different entities and so has Scott Walker.

As always, we at CogDis are on the cutting edge and are able to bring you a picture from last years astounding play duck hunt event! 

Also rumor has it that Dick Cheney will be in attendance(unconfirmed), so make sure all of your affairs are in order before attending!  

Quack Quack

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  1. Normally I agree with most that is posted however Duck Hunt was a Nintendo game, not Atari.