Friday, September 26, 2014

Republicans Are People Too

BY Jeff Simpson

After years and years of this!  

and this:

The republican party has to start over with ads like this:

Dont believe everything you see or hear on the news, there are actual republican people who are not insane.  We have the ad campaign to prove it! 

I think when you have to send out ads that you are actual people, maybe you need to rethink more than your marketing campaigns.  


  1. People, sure -- people who hate people who aren't exactly like them. Who needs 'em? Especially running our (as in, every single highly diverse one of us) government. If they'd just stay hidden away in their out-of-touch gated communities I wouldn't have a problem with them.

  2. Please can anyone explain what this means? I don't have a legal background. Thank you.

    1. Basically it puts the "hot potato" entirely in the hands of Wisconsin Supreme Court. While the federal court said this week that this is a matter for the state of Wisconsin to resolve, the appeals court will continue to reserve its opinion on the merits of those writs appealing each of the quashed subpeonas until the Wi Supremes either:
      a) reject the motion to bypass, leaving it in the discretion of the Circuit Court of Appeals
      or b) otherwise advise the appeals court to consider the merits of the writ(s), such as by issuing recusals to such a point that the body lacks a quorum

      The only other way to dispose of the writ is for the Supremes to agree to consider the writ themselves, thus bypassing the Circuit Court.

      Justice Ann Bradley Walsh has stated that she would recuse in another case due to one of the unnamed petitioners having a lawyer who works with her son at DeanStrang LLC, a firm which also appears in this order.

    2. correction, at StrangBradley LLC

    3. Thank you for the explanation. I appreciate your help with the legalese!

    4. Just to be clear, the Circuit Court is the federal branch that did the ruling on the appeal to Randa's decision while the Wisconsin Court of Appeals is the one which would decide upon these writs in the case that Wisconsin Supreme Court cannot or will not. So it is not the Circuit Court of Appeals which would be bypassed as they are the federal appelate branch; rather, it is the Wisconsin Court of Appeals in Madison that the Supremes could choose to bypass by taking up the case of these writs.

    5. tl;dr
      two appellate branches, one state and one federal. Federal branch smacks down Randa, says feds should stay out as it is a matter for the state. State branch says they will not take the case unless/until Wi Supreme Court bypasses appeals by taking the case.

    6. meant "unless/until WSC indicates they will not bypass appeals by NOT taking the case"

  3. And so are corporations and Soylent Green.

    A "Republicans are people, too!" campaign first appeared in 1974 as Nixon was resigning and the RNC launched it because their party needed to rebrand for the elections that year.

  4. If you have to go out of your way to claim you're normal and decent, you probably aren't.

    Actually, there are Republicans who probably are normal, but the politicians they support clearly aren't. Those guys (and they're mostly guys) are hateful sociopaths who don't have a clue how the world really works.