Monday, September 29, 2014

Pee In A Cup - Part 2

By Jeff Simpson

In case you missed it, as Wonkette put it - Scott Walker will fight for Wisconsin's right to collect poor people's pee

We do not think that drug testing people on the public dole is such a bad idea.  We even offered up the first person who should be tested - Richard Uihlein. 

Now I would like to offer up drug test subjects #2 & #3 - Plexus Corp. board members David Drury and Ralf Boer!  

See Drury and Boer are huge donors to one Scott Kevin Walker, who in turn is a huge donor to the company that they sit on the board for.    The problem is not just that there has been quid pro quo going on between these two parties with our tax dollars,  but that Plexus cashed in with taxpayer dollars then sent jobs overseas! 

While that has become common place with the rise of WEDC in Scott Walker's Wisconsin, the reason they NEED to be tested is that they are denying they did so

Maybe Boer & Drury are actually Cheech and Chong revisited!  


  1. Anyone who gets a WEDC corporate welfare loan should be required to pee in a cup.

    Governor Scott Weasel wishes to sell off state assets. Anyone who benefits from the Governor's misguided "tinkle down" economic policy needs to tinkle in a cup.

    Make those drunken GOP ASSembly republicans piss in cup. Start with Kleefisch. His piss could pickle a pike.

  2. pee testing is Big business. I guarantee that the big labs that test pee are giving walker 's campaign a lot of money