Monday, September 1, 2014

You Can't Stop Us Now

The following is a song done by the Eddie Japan band out of Boston, dedicated to #wiunion:

The Wisconsin State AFL-CIO blog has the details behind the video and song.

Many thanks to the good people of the Eddie Japan band for this tribute.


  1. I like the song. Being in the middle of the protest in Madison was a great experience, unfortunately the reason for being there was terrible and destructive to Wisconsin.

    The super-wealthy need to wake-up and see that there is precious little left to keep the people from deciding that this countries' govt. isn't running the show how they would like, and there is nothing to stop an angry hoarde with pitchforks at there gated mansion. I hope things don't sink that far.

  2. pretty lame move for some no name band to use our struggle for some cheap publicity