Thursday, September 18, 2014

There is Confusion Allright!

By Jeff Simpson

The Wisconsin republicans, have unethically, gerrymandered and have enacted highly partisan downright embarrassing districts in our great state, and enacted the most restrictive voter id law in the state, to go along closing DMV sites all over Wisconsin.  

Now they are worried that the layout of ballot might confuse voters. 

The irony and hypocrisy on the right, is so thick you need a chainsaw.  

Robin Vos/Scott Fitzgerald know no shame.  


  1. Sociopaths cannot fathom the concept of shame. GAB scrambling to educate municipal clerks around the state so throw something else at them to deal with and to hide their own reprehensible behavior regarding the shredding of normal democratic government in WI, throw the big blame stick at the GAB over ballot design to distract public attention from themselves. Oh, that GAB really made the election process confusing.

    Really rich is the claim by these circle jerk clowns is asking why the ballot design was kept from prior approval through the "R," legislative process. You know just like R inclusion of the entire legislature in R-districting.

  2. The GOP can't win in a fair election. so they need to do stunts like this in an attempt to turn people off from getting out to vote.