Monday, September 15, 2014

Pee In A Cup - Part 1!

Jeff Simpson

Scott Walker came out with his bold re-election plan recently and one of the more controversial items came out that Mr. Walker wants to drug test all people getting public assistance(well all poor and minority people anyway). 

The fact that the courts have ruled such a policy unconstitutional does not deter Scott Walker, since Mr. Walker spends money like water when it comes to legal fees.   

I am on board with this policy and since it is a few months to being enacted, I want to help Mr. Walker get a head start.   I will be running a series of people who should be first in line to pee in the cup.

I would say Scott Walker, but we know that the rules do not apply to him and that question has been asked and ignored in Florida.  

So instead of wasting our time, expecting Scott Walker to practice what he preaches, let us move on.  

My first nomination for the inaugural cup Peer is Richard Uihlein Uihlein who owns Uline corporation has received over $6,000,000 in taxpayer dollars.   The hundreds of thousands of dollars Mr. Uihlein was giving to republican politicians(which is enough to warrant the drug test), might have been depleting his coffers so he needed the taxpayers to refill them!   

Mr. Uihlein, here is your cup!  


PS:  Feel free to leave your nominations for people who need to pee in the cup in the comments below. 


  1. ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS! You want access to our budgets and tax dollars, take the test. I would even go one further...test them live!!

  2. Urine per per diem. Also two unannounced tests each month for sitting legislators and unelected gubernatorial appointed, WI Department heads.